Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A week in the life....

July 9, 2014
It has been a crazy, busy bunch of vacation days here and no matter what I do, it seems like I am still so far behind in trying to catch up. So I will take it day to day and share some of the new things I found along the way.
Friday July 4th
I visited my  Bath and Body Works store and grabbed a few of the new Pocketbacs that came out and holders as well as the new Rainbow Collection Hand Soaps. The soaps were priced at $3 each and with the 20 off 50 coupon it made them less than $2.00 each.
My Estee Lauder Tote Bag arrived from the Bon-Ton online store as well.  It was gone for in store free gifts so I made my online purchase and was still able to get it.  In the stores they were passing out small cosmetic bags with products in them when the totes sold out but I wanted to grab a tote too.
I received a few ten dollar cards from Victoria's Secret along with some free panty coupons so I grabbed three pair of panties and these two lace and vinyl cosmetic bags.  Everything on clearance was 75% off now....and since they are doing away with the cosmetics it was a pretty great sale and most of the items were selling out.
Saturday July 5th
I visited another Bath and Body Works store to see what they had new and fun.  There were no new Market Fresh Picked Candles out for sale in this store because of the $9.00 candle sale.  While talking with the manager she told me that anyone who gets candles at this price or any other sale or clearance price would not be able to "even exchange" them.  I mentioned to her I saw what the policy is for returns and she said that it doesn't apply to one day sale pricing.
I left there thinking there needs to be more training or explaining.  Not that I bring candles back from sale pricing to get new....I buy new as they come out....I think as it should be. 
I just know there are going to be a lot of unhappy returns for those who do returns.
Sunday July 6th
I went into another mall and stopped at that Bath and Body Works store hoping they put some new out too.  I was told they were doing the floor set that night and tomorrow, Monday I could get new.
I left with nothing at that store.
Monday July 7th
For more than a month now I had planned a two day, one night away from home trip to go to Penn State Main Campus.  This trip would be the first time we were going back since our daughter was killed and we both expected the worst.  The clinic my daughter worked at designed an award in her name given yearly out to a member of the staff or student who exemplified the same work ethics our daughter had.  And for the last six years the awards were given, we were invited out to be a part of it. 
The first year there was no way either of us could even face anything Penn State.  Our daughter loved Penn and those around her loved her.  Her death rocked those who are the healers so they understood our declining of the invitation.  And the year would roll around again and hubby would mention how wonderful they were to her and then Us afterward...that we really need to go.  And I would cry...or he would cry...and we would convince ourselves there was nothing out there for us anymore and we never needed to go back.
Grief and Grieving.
Nothing makes sense unless your in it.  And day by day we get through a life without our child and put off taking on that last piece of the "we..or... the us".  Until Monday.
When we received notice of this years recipient I cried....and hubby again it's ok we don't need to go.  And I decided then...we did.
So I planned our visit....booked a room in a beautiful hotel....contacted her friends/coworkers and we made the 2+ hour drive.
The hardest part was seeing those incredible people who came and stayed overnight here for us when all of that happened.  And the best part was seeing those incredible people.  They told us how the aftermath affected them and their job...and how they needed people brought in to talk to.  They told us how she was around them daily and we realized she was never lost to them....she is memorialized in their hearts forever.

And we got through it.  While I had teary eyes...I choked back the overwhelming emotions...I refused to much so I gave myself a bit of an anxiety attack....and thought I was going to faint.  And it passed without...hopefully...their ever knowing.  I smiled at her award plaque now housed behind glass until all of the facility is through being remodeled and then it will hang where it was initially...outside her office door.
We met with four of the recipients and saw their award on their desk and Elaine who was given it first hugged us so tight and remarked how much it meant to her.  She was teary and told us of her recent loss of 5 or 7 family members and explained how she understood our not being able to make the trip back.
And then it was time to go...and we continued to visit some of the places that were special to us. There were severe weather conditions in the area so our long walk after dinner was cut a bit shorter than we would have liked.  We went back to the hotel...and started to plan our next trip back.  But not before laughing at the silliness of the things we said and did. 
Tuesday morning brought with it more severe weather warnings so we decided to leave early to get home ahead of it.  And yesterday early evening we got hit hard with a lot of heavy rains, thunder and lightening. We were glad to be home. 
After our visit and walk around campus and before checking in to the hotel, we found the mall and visited...the Bath and Body Works store there.
Those ladies in that store were incredible.  Upbeat and positive, Friendly yet not overly.  And while they didn't have the pumpkin sleeves I wanted I did get the new hand soap dispenser and refill that was on sale $20 for both and the new Market Fresh Picked Heirloom Pumpkin candle and used a survey.  I didn't see the Retail me not coupon until yesterday.
My next purchase was of some of the new scents in the Summer Signature line...while using my coupons for my two free travel sizes.  I used a free item coupon with the three travel items to get the gel lotion.
Tuesday July 8th
One the way home we stopped at a mall that was nearly completely empty of stores but happily there was a Bath and Body Works store there.  The clerk /manager...I am not sure which she was, said she recognized me from shopping one of my favorite stores and asked me what she could help me find.  I grabbed the new pumpkin sleeves, the new Market Fresh Picked Hand Soaps and the mason jar scentportable and got the new shower gel as a free item. 
My online order also arrived:
Here were a few things I saw:

The lantern is nice enough but a wee bit pricey.  I am saving my pennies hoping for a Halloween House.
Wednesday July 9th
I visited another Bath and Body Works....I know, your surprised right....ha ha...They are everywhere!!!!
 There was nothing in the store today that called to me so I left without a purchase.  Even though the store was having a few great sales.
$5.00 New Signature Summer releases
$11.00 ALL candles in the store
Victoria's Secret was having their free tumbler with a coupon and PINK dog inside with any PINK purchase so I grabbed some panties as a gift for my niece and got her the Pink colored Dog.  There were three different choices.  And inside the cup is a coupon you scan on the PINK NATION App. to reveal what you get.  Mine was for a free panty.
They are putting the new Fall items out in Wegmans grocery today and these beautiful black and gold sunflower  and bee items called to me.  As I grabbed the two mugs and went to grab a third...a woman reached over me and grabbed one...looked around the display and left. I will need to find two more at another store. The other two items are bowls and there were flat square matching salad plates as well as the lighter background dishes shown below.  I grabbed the matching wash cloths thinking I should be able to use them as napkins on the table.  :)





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