Friday, July 4, 2014

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July 4, 2014
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I woke up this morning to find a picture sent to me of some new fall test candles that was posted somewhere on the internet overnight.  I recognized the watermark of a blogger and YouTube friend Natalie so I went to check out her page and sure enough it was her.

Here are her links so be sure to check her out and read what she had to say about her candle finds. Check out those candle lids!!!

Thank you so much Lights, Camera, Photo for sharing with us!!!


Now after reading Natalies Blog, there are a few more confirmed names of candles that we thought were coming that I can add to my previous blog posting. Here is the link to that blog and some of what I wrote.....

Because I saw and posted the picture of the newest bounce back yesterday I am guessing that these names could be in the new Artisan Market Line:
  1. salted caramel corn
  2. sea salt and maple popcorn
  3. banana nutmeg bread pudding
  4. malted pistachio truffle
  5. chestnut glazed croissant
  6. bourbon butterscotch
  7. brown sugar and carrots
  8. cayenne caramel
  9. honeyed nectarine
  10. (Wasabi apple) is a artisan candle name I saw pictured yet not on this list yet

When I posted this week the new pocketbac names of
  • Peach Pecan Cupcake
  • Graham Cracker Marshmallow
I also heard talk that there was a possible BAKERY LINE coming and that we may see a few of the Sixth Street Sweet Shop Candles still around...How awesome and I bet these are part of that thinking. 
Remember the Fall Preview Picture we saw...there was a coffret of six candles in a box and the box was called Pumpkin Café I expect we will see lots of foodie this Fall.
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • pumpkin cinnamon donut

When I read these I thought they reminded me of hand soap names....and will end up with a fancy Welcome Autumn candle line name:
  1. autumn sky
  2. crisp morning air
  3. walk in the woods
  4. autumn night
  5. cranberry harvest
  6. golden autumn citrus
I expect to see an Apple line and Pumpkin Line: of course...and I hope Pumpkin Pecan Waffles shows up.
  1. green apple orchard
  2. weekend apple picking
  3. pumpkin apple
  4. sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  5. vanilla pumpkin marshmallow
  6. caramel pumpkin
  7. pumpkin apple
These are old favorites:
  1. sweater weather
  2. tailgate
  3. leaves
  4. autumn
  5. flannel
  6. harvest gathering
  7. marshmallow fireside
For Sure Halloween and ahem...about time thank you very much.
  1. toil and trouble
  2. trick or treat
  3. vampire blood
I am wondering if there is an Autumn Drink Line...or are these a part of the Pumpkin Café line?
  1. cozy vanilla cream
  2. vanilla chai
  3. pear woods cider
  4. warm caramel cider
  5. pumpkin cider
  6. pumpkin caramel latte

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