Monday, July 28, 2014

Michaels Craft Store | New Fall & Halloween Display

A fter shopping at Bath and Body Works today, and having a late lunch at Chinese, I stopped at my Michaels Craft store to see if there was anything new there today as well. The weather here has been turbulent the last few days and the thunderstorms that have now passed has left the air so much cooler and fall-like...I was ready for anything Sweater-weather-ish.

I was greeted in the doorway of the store with the beautiful shades of Autumn shared in an array of hand made centerpieces....and row after row of glimpses of Halloween and Fall décor  through the glass.


I could see the Halloween decorations from the door and I felt like a kid checking out all of those things Spooky that goes bump in the night.



I saw the large foam pumpkin I used to make my minion last year and almost fell over at the price tag on them now.  I know, they are for cutting and you can have them for years but wow....Pricey.  I did get mine last year using the 40% off coupon....and then saw them go on clearance after Halloween was over...but never grabbed any more. 


The Fall Market aisle was filled with baskets of all designs and colors and with a bunch waiting to be used at home...I did pass on hard as it was.


More fun, spookiness....


And Summer themed items were now 80% off....Great deals.
The stationary dollar area had these cute animal print items and I immediately thought of the VIP tote and how that would be cute inside too. I cant help but think of makes my husband crazy.

At the beginning of the store and ready to head out....Adorable puppy or kitty Halloween Costumes....


I checked each and every aisle...making my way around the store to the impulse area...happy that I resisted every temptation....and then I found the calendars....and thought of my Christmas gift bags...and temptation won. 



That Paris themed travel calendar matches those stationary items I posted previously....and its a perfect little add on for 80 cents.

I had a 20% off everything coupon so I grabbed 5 pocket calendars and two full sized for home....and spent less than $8.00.


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