Friday, July 18, 2014

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July 18, 2014

The Fourth of July I posted the Fall Test Scent candle names list as it was told to me from White Barn from their list so I can make a list of what I was getting.

My list was broken down into the categories each new scent was coming out in.

All but two names I was given that day were in the stores by July 7th.  Those two were the Chestnut Glazed Croissant and the Malted Pistachio Truffle. 

Since the day of my posting, every day... I have been emailed and asked..."are you sure your names are correct?"

Hmmm. Yep.

"If those are real, why haven't we seen them...I think you made them up."

Umm. Nope.  That comment makes me laugh even...why on earth would I do that? 

Then yesterday....we get to see pictures of the two missing candles.  So, they do exist.

Not available in B&BW test stores....remember my list came directly from White Barn.  So I inquired at one of the White Barns and was told it is on the list to come, perhaps Tuesday....and....and they are going to be a White Barn Candle Exclusive.

Interesting.  And that is going to suck.  The only people that benefit are those who can get to the store and those who will clear the shelves to retail sale it beyond belief.  Yes, yes.... this test store way of doing things is working just fine....  (what's the emoticon for rolling eyes?  insert here)

So its still on the list.

Then I checked with another White Barn...who said they never had them in stock...never got them in.


Hmm... I am looking at the label....and taking this all in...and it just reminds me again of a triple layer candle BS of times gone by.

So for my friends who ask me daily did I have any more info on it....  All I can say is .....I know when you do focus group presentations, you are given goodies for your trouble afterward, from the company itself.... so my assumption is ---it may be part of that.  I have no way of knowing because everything is hush hush.... (eye rolls)  because it is easier than to say what's what.

Do Not Disclose contracts may cover that part of the goodies too???

..which  is confusing... your told not to disclose stuff you see...yet your given new stuff....that is probably what you saw too....but you can put those pictures and scent notes out there...but then not tell where it came from.... 

It's like a square dance of sorts.  :)   

Anyone else getting dizzy?

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