Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bath and Body Works | A Reindeer on Christmas Eve

On Super Saturday we had a bit of a snowfall here that needed more attention than I needed to try to get to the mall and shop for a reindeer bag.  So I didn't make the sale and I didn't get my bag.
They sold out online early in the day so I thought, bag for me.  Not a big deal mind you, I have many, many totes.  I just thought the deer was cute.
The next day when the tote showed up online for $35.00 all three patterns were sold out. 
This past Monday, I wanted to grab a few more Spiced Gingerbread candles in store for a gift but that too didn't work I checked online and decided to get them that way. Luckily, I found the reindeer bag popped up online available again and I snagged one.  Tuesday, my order showed shipped via FedEx with a delivery date of Friday.
Yesterday I watched the tracking to see that it was suppose to come by the end of day but at 6:30pm it changed to delivery by end of day Tuesday the 27th.  I checked the FedEx page and they were done delivering until then.
As I was baking cookies earlier today, the doorbell rang and it was FedEx!!!
Here was my little reindeer bag and my two candles. Before Christmas!
When I was done with all of the cooking for today I opened the box and checked the candles I saw that they had "slipped the glass" a bit because of the cold temperatures and scratched wax all over making a mess....
When I lifted the lids, I found these teeny weeny little wicks.
Candles are hard enough to burn with regular sized wicks, but these little nubs remind me of the testers that we see from time to time.  It's hard to tell how small they are in the picture so I posted a comparison with a frosted glass spiced gingerbread I had.
Having them for my own personal use is one thing to deal with the possibility of the wicks not staying lit for a good burn....but I really can't give these as gifts looking they way they do. 
I am happy of the effort made from Bath and Body Works on getting orders processed and shipped via FedEx the week before Christmas that assured a Saturday delivery where UPS doesn't.  And I am thankful for the driver who was delivering boxes on a Christmas Eve morning instead of being home with his family.
Making sure I had a Reindeer on Christmas Eve....

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