Friday, December 30, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Look What's Coming !!! | Tutti Dolci

December 30, 2016
I got some great pics earlier and I couldn't wait to share them on social media first before sitting down and getting everything together here.
Here is what I know....which, I know isn't too much yet...but is everything. The B is stepping up their game and is bringing back as a big throwback as one of many favorites,
The Tutti Dolce Collection of fragrances. 
The names on the bottles in the photo are to hard to read clearly, so I won't speculate as to what they are but the picture is a great indication of what product forms we will be seeing in this collection.

*edited* 8:54pm I just confirmed the names in the photo: Sweet Lemon Buttercup, Pink Peony Crème and White Mocha Kiss. *
You can Google "Tutti Dolce" and see some photos of the scents of the past that had many wanting this as a return.
Here is what I know of from those scents back then.
It was an European Bakery Theme of fragrances.
Original Scents were:
Angel Food Cake
Chocolate Fondue
Cinnamon Frosting
Crème Brule
Lemon Meringue
Sugar Wafer

These were sold in Body Souffle, Crème Body Wash, Cologne, Lip Gloss, Lotion and more.

Then Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Fondue and Cinnamon Frosting were replaced by Mango Sorbetto, Raspberry Granita and Pineapple Chiffon in the summer of 2005.
Then Apple Torta, Tiramisu Venezia, Amaretti, and Fantasia di Cioccolata appeared around the winter of 2005.  The line vanished in 2006
Like I said, I am not certain when exactly we will see this collection in stores but I bet it will be within the next few months as a Spring favorite.
This next picture is interesting...only because it is showing a bit of a different direction things could be going.
Jasmine and Green Apple - clay body scrub and I can't make out the round tub thingy. And below that picture with the Almond Vanilla Product shown. Here is my thoughts on those two photos.
Earlier this year a friend had shown me a quick picture of some sort of testing being done in her area with the possibility of the fragrances becoming Aromatherapy scents using more essential oils and natural ingredients. I made the picture a collage with the scent notes remembered and the writing on the billboard  We never saw them...I think, until now. The bottle of Almond Vanilla bottle is the same design of bottles used now for the men's body care products with that smaller black lid.
I am not sure when we will see these products launch but I had to share these sneak peeks of the New and upcoming to watch out for.
As soon as I know more I will get that information posted.

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