Monday, December 26, 2016

Bath & Body Works | The Honeymoon's Over???

It was raining a fine, icy mist here early this morning as the temperatures dipped well below the freezing mark making my entire viewable world a skating rink.  My back stairs wanted to test my ballerina abilities as I tried to put the recyclables into the container....and truth be told my pirouette was funny to watch.  I'm sure my neighbors will be having a giggle at the video from their security cameras later tonight.
So heading out to be at the Bath and Body Works stores early opening was a no go for a time.  I wasn't planning on visiting my local store, for a very good traveling out of town would need to wait a bit.  It's odd for me to not attend a SAS at stores opening and even more odd not to hit the local store first....but this past week has been one of, I don't know...awakening ??  for this brand.
Granted we all have a moment or two that happens that tees us off over something and yes, in the grand scheme of things and life...who cares about the small stuff.  Unless it is your small stuff that pushes those buttons in you that takes a bit of a chink out of your protective armor and your defenses goes up.
Christmas Eve's nonsense shared on my Facebook page after midnight when I went on to the Bath and Body Works Instagram page to discover that this Brand, had blocked me for no reason stuck with me. Honestly, it hurt my feelings.
I know that I am suppose to forgive, forget and move on with things as I was taught since childhood according to my religious teachings and I think as a child...that was much easier to do than being an adult. My struggles with this are mostly because of my feelings of right and wrong...and when I feel someone has done me wrong...I am bothered with the " test " of my religious character.  First, I am hurt...then, I get mad. Scorched Earth mad.
So when I was laying in bed that night upset over the decision that was made by a company to do that...I wondered, was this the push I needed to start saving my money and stop spending it there.  I won't share my husbands thoughts on this matter.  If you have a husband, you get the idea.
With a few chores to do first, we decided to leave after lunch and get the day started.  And it started with a bang with my falling at my sister in laws house.  Fun, fun.
I visited the mall here and saw the store was PANDEMONIOM.... and I thought oh I walked past the store and went on to other stops.
Out of town stores were WORSE.
I couldn't get into the doorway of one as the manager stood chit chatting with friends and when hugs were exchanged and the people finally moved I snuck past into an utter mad house.  The bins were being emptied like the candle walls were.  The 75% off boxes were beginning to diminish and the manager stated her back room was emptied of all of that priced merchandise already.  The other red boxes were already messy and mixed up and when I went to the wall to sample the new Let's Get Away scents, only three test mists were available and the wall was picked out. I didn't even find Lemon Pomegranate anywhere.
The line was out the front of the stores doorway and when the woman in front of me asked was I in line I had to look...was it the line???....and sure enough, it was.  I was at the front door table trying to get closer to look.
The manager pushed a cart with a few odds and ends on it around the checkout line of people and I looked at the only three registers where the temp staff were struggling to keep up.  My initial thoughts on seeing that mess was there should have been more staff for SURE and  maybe the manager should be on the fourth register and let the one staff girls who was now up at the registers doing nothing watch the front door way.  I made it to the pocketbac's, saw the three (and no other new ones out) and tossed them into my bag. After watching the pushing at the register I took them out and put them back.
The aromatherapy candles were at the registers and the few scents that remained were lid-less and scattered.  A MESS! How were these lid-less???
I made my way back to the front of the store, missing out on the entire other half of the store because the people in line refused to let me pass no matter how many excuse me  I said.
All of the things I had hoped to see were not seen, the new scents went un-smelled and the entire store was an utter disaster with people pushing and pulling things and setting them anywhere.
The room spray side shelf had two scents on it that were new and I was so disgusted I hung up my blue bag...and met my husband out in the mall talking to another gentleman whose wife was somewhere lost in the shuffle of bubbles. There was no smelling the happy here today.
My husband remarked that we have gone to many a sale and his impression was that these people were behaving like animals each one trying to grab something before someone else did first.  I would have to agree. 
And crowds at a sale really doesn't bother me to the fact that I leave before doing what I had planned on doing.  But I think my heart just wasn't in this today because of what happened over the weekend.
This morning, without answering my private message to them on why I was blocked, I found my Insta privilege was once more restored.  Silly I know since I know more info than what I would find on their Insta page....but I guess it's the principle of the thing with me.  I guess I can say the honeymoon is over with us.
Here are a few things spotted and I look forward to seeing shares of all that everyone else found!

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