Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Signature Fragrances leaving the store at Semi Annual Sale 2016

It was confirmed for me yesterday and shared on my other social media sites the few signature fragrances we will see leave Bath and Body Works stores beginning December 26th when the stores Semi Annual Sale begins.

They are:
Paris Amour
Mad About You
Pink Chiffon
Cashmere Glow

Also leaving the store shelves: in the TRAVEL SIZES ONLY (for now)

White Citrus
Sea Island Cotton

I am not sure why the travel sizes only of these two fragrances are leaving, but that could be a signal that they are not strong, all year sellers and they too, may be on the short list.

We knew that Cashmere Glow was only brought back to stores from retired status for the Holiday season so that wasn't too much of a surprise. The others...well, people are pretty shocked and unhappy and sharing their dismay on social media.

I think we will see these move to the Retired status online, and probably will fill outlet stores for a time.  They should be on clearance as the semi annual sale begins (like the others were, remember twilight woods) so check your stock and make a list of what you will need.  I grabbed a tube of the Pink Chiffon Body Cream yesterday when they were on sale for $3.50.

And as a reminder, stop by the store and grab a little something to buy to get that $20 off of $50 coupon at checkout.  You will be glad you did come SAS shopping time....(that's a 40% off savings on $50).

To see some of the reaction others are sharing, be sure to visit my social media hangouts and share your thoughts too!

And if you are shopping online as I do, be sure to get your Ebates bonus cash.  If you aren't already a member, just click the link below and sign up. Quick, easy, no hassle.  Every time you shop online, be sure to visit Ebates first and look for the place your going to shop, EX. Amazon...QVC...B&BW....too many to list......then click the link of the business and you will earn a certain percentage of your purchase back for you. 

In cash for you to spend anywhere when your "Big Fat Check" comes.  I thought it was too good to be true, too.  Then I did it and I found out that every purchase I made...made me a little bit back to enjoy at a later time.  Some stores offer 1%, like Bath and Body Works. 

But I found that the percentages change....My QVC shopping went from 1% this 6% and one day, GREEN MONDAY it was 10%.  It is no hassle honestly....use it or not as you shop...even on ETSY....for my planner stickers....!!!  HA HA....I just wanted to share my thoughts and a link as someone did for me back in May 2014.



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