Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bath & Body Works | More New Items in Photographs | Essentials Collection - Wallflowers - Hand Soaps

I wanted to make a post to sort of collect some of the new items coming after Semi Annual Sale or those things already out on some stores shelves.

Hand Soaps and Lotions: with olive oil
Garden Fresh -

Japanese Cherry Blossom-
Kitchen Lemon -

Linen and Lavender -
Spring Garden -
Sunshine Cherries - experience the refreshingly clean, irresistible scent of Sunshine Cherries, a luscious blend of juicy white cherries, tart berries and Muguet blossom.
Vanilla Flower - experience the refreshingly clean, irresistible scent of Vanilla Flower, a warm blend of vanilla orchid, almond flower and comforting sandalwood.
Hand Soaps with Vitaboost Vitamins:
Aloe Agave
Apple Mandarin
Lemon Grapefruit
Mango Melon
Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps:
Beautiful Blue Skies
Lovely Lemon Meringue
Sparkling Berry Sorbet
Pretty Pink Peony
Perfectly Peaches and Cream
Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps: Let's Get Away
Warm Mango Sunset
Juicy Passionfruit Punch
Fresh melon Margarita
New Wallflowers:
New Essentials Collection:
Full Sized Body Creams-
Wildberry and Chamomile
Almond and Vanilla
Jasmine and Green Apple
Clay Body Scrub- Whipped Body Butter
Jasmine and Green Apple
Shower Gel-
Almond Vanilla
More Fragrances to come in this Essentials Collection!

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