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Bath & Body Works | Candle Sale Day- December 3, 2016

December 3, 2016

Candle Sale Day
My store planned on opening at 9am and I was standing outside of the gate with list in hand, with only my ten of nine. I knew what I wanted and for what seemed like a long time, I had the entire stocked store to myself.

There wasn't much from box up that I was interested in this year because there was very little left, so I grabbed what I planned...and a few candles I didn't plan on and got checked out. First.

As I gathered my big red filled bags to leave 29 minutes later, a few people started to filter in.

Here is what I left with:
5 iced balsam (reg. $29.50)
4 winter rose
3 chestnut and clove fall edition
3 hot cocoa and cream
2 frosted cupcake
2 juniper and berry (reg. $26.50)
2 magic in the air with gem lids (reg. $29.50)
1 pomegranate lemonade
1 peppermint marshmallow

I grabbed the winter rose for my aunt, along with a magic in the air.  When she saw the iced balsam candles sitting on the table, she left with two of those as well.  I also purchased three of the red bags to use after candle day.  Many thought it a bit outrageous to be charged the $1.50 for the bag to hold two crates (12 candles) but mine came down to $1.00 and I can use them for so many things I really don't mind they have Bath and Body Works on them.

Later in the day the online website offered what was left of their candles for $8.50 with a code so no additional discounts would apply...and $5.99 shipping.   I do understand the shipping charges because unlike store shopping some one actually has to pick and package up the order.  It's too bad a code was necessary though as a 20% off coupon would have been appreciated from what I have read from those who can't get to a store to shop and ended up buying online.

I did have a few candles in my cart but in no time they disappeared. 

My main want from candle sale day was from the new collection "Home for the Holiday's" that came out in some stores but not all.  They were set to come out Sunday, December 4th along with the "Let's Get Away" collection as a replenishment to Candle Day. And after seeing the store later in the day when I visited it again....they needed them!

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