Monday, December 19, 2016

Bath & Body Works | The End of Coupons at Checkout

There isn't much I want in the stores, until I visit them next Tuesday for the beginning of the Semi Annual Sale but I thought I would venture into a few stores today to see if I could get a Spiced Gingerbread candle while they are on the $12.50 sale.  P.S. and by the way, tomorrow, they go back up to $15.50.

Because I was heading for Chinese out of town, that store was the first stop.  MISTAKE.  Lines out the door with four cashiers at the registers.  I put my candles back and left and had lunch.

After a few more shopping stops I tried the second B&BW store and that is where all of today's chaos begins.

On my way into the store I got a text telling me that this person was just told there will no longer be coupons handed out at the check out process.  No more Bounce backs.  And I see by the numerous questions asking what a bounce back is that I need to share what they are.

They are called bounce back coupons (I first saw it written on a box of them as they were being brought out of the back) because they are the coupons handed to us at the end of our shopping visit and they are meant to bring us back for the next floor set of sales.  You would see that they were always pre-dated ahead for the following month.  A great sales incentive....we can come in next month and save on the new!

So, okay, back to today...As I entered the store I saw a sales associate and I asked, "is it really true that we will no longer be given bounce back coupons?"  I was told, "yes".  I then asked, "when does this begin?
And the answer was, "Beginning next Tuesday for the Semi Annual Sale."

Truth be told, I am NOT surprised.  With their buckling down on how many coupons can be redeemed at any given shopping trip I felt that something else was coming.

So after my very unproductive visit there, I came home and called customer service....for another reason, but to also ask if it was true.  And I say that because I find that many stores around me each adopt their own perception of how they will enforce things.  If you remember not so long ago...this store tried to make sales goals by saying they were no longer accepting coupons (surveys), that of course, was untrue.

It was then verified by customer service that there will NO LONGER be coupons handed out at checkout.

I went on Facebook and shared that we will no longer receive bounce back coupons at checkout, beginning SAS time so there will be NO surprises.  And I was met with PLENTY of push back.

I, am not B&BW, I was just the messenger....and no I did not misunderstand....Or misinterpret what I was hearing. 

About an hour after sharing, I received many texts explaining that there was both emails sent and conference calls had today about this matter.

Simply put for all to understand: 
  • They as the company have decided for whatever reason, that they will no longer be passing out a COUPON at the end of the check out process.
  • They will still be offering EMAIL Coupons
  • They will still be sending out MAILER Coupons
I am not sure whether or not there will be some kind of loyalty program with a card that we will get to use for savings.  From what I am hearing discounts will be had from EMAIL coupons so be sure to sign up when asked at the checkout process and give them your email address.

Remember Email Coupons will come for store and online use
Survey Coupons if still had, will be accepted in stores
Mailer Coupons will be accepted in stores and online.

If you have those green with the Santa hat coupons that were/are being still passed out at checkout with the 10/30 or 20/50 codes...Bring them in and use them.  They are good until December 27th, 2016 printed on the coupon.  Bring them in for your Semi Annual Sales purchases.

Just know that you will be handed your receipt and no coupon beginning then, December 26th....

Also another note....

No one likes hearing bad news and from the looks of the all hell breaking loose on social media over this, it's a reaction I am sure they expected.  People will say they will not shop there....or they are done with the store and I think that too is something they expect to see.  I think, they needed to try to take some control over whatever issues they felt they had so this is currently the result.

Storming the castle with torches doesn't change much....(remember our candles went up regardless of how many people said they will never buy them if they weren't $10.00)

I shared what I heard so those shopping know what to expect and to plan accordingly.  Try not to upset yourselves too much over wax and soap.  If your like me and shop when you can save...and you can't save as much and that will reflect in their sales....let that be the guide.


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