Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bath & Body Works | Candle Collections | White Barn Marble & Pretty Spectacular

Some of the best things that have come out from blogging all of these years is that you get to meet people, even if it is only over a computer connection....and they have a connection to you that they like to call their own.
For the most part so many have had my back...even if they don't agree with me and if I wasn't always right about everything I said or did.  And when they are excited about what they find, they are sending me the information, FIRST, to share with everyone to be sure this Love of the product is everywhere.
Today, is no exception.  This cold, rainy night on the verge of a Nor'easter coming tomorrow I received these incredible photos from a friend who found this newness in a store and couldn't wait for everyone to see it too.
I often say I am blessed...(usually after I vent a thought or two) but I truly believe in my heart I have a blessed life in many ways and having such kindness shared with me reminds me why I do this.
Okay, enough smushystuff...onto the find.
My friend @scaturbrain found these spring like scents out in a store and how awesome of her to take the time to grab some scent notes for these too!
I don't yet know the name of this candle collection, so I will call it the
Pretty Spectacular Candle Collection:
Blue Sandalwood and Sage - sandalwood, crisp bergamot, lavender, and fresh garden sage
Fresh Cut Lilacs -
Honeysuckle Bouquet - sweet honeysuckle nectar, peony petals and soft creamy vanilla
Peach Bellini -
Sweet Cherry Pie - bright red cherries, flaky pie crust and crushed almonds
Watermelon Lemonade -
White Tea and Pear - sweet white tea, crisp Bartlett pear, and sparkling bergamot


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