Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bath & Body Works | $8.00candle day Again | SAS candles too

December 13, 2014
I have nothing much to complain about... I mean how many people got to have $8.00 candle day twice at Bath & Body Works...and better yet...a different selection of scents to chose from. These were my Friday's Purchases.
Last night the email I received was for the $8.00 candle sale.  So what the SA's in the store were saying was store wasn't suppose to have candle day yesterday, ours was $2.50 hand soap day. But because the emails went out to some for candles, they honored both sales...and $5.00 sleeves.
I was told that they thought today was our scheduled candle day so I called this morning and sure enough, it was.  Still no Holly Freakin' Jolly candles...(okay I guess that is considered a complaint, ha ha) But I planned on checking out the store anyway after I met with my sister out of town to get her holiday gifts to her before any bad snowstorms come or surgery lays me up for a time.
This mall, as you would expect was beyond busy...and Bath and Body Works here today was INSANE.  People again grabbing anything they can get their hands on....and the staff busy unloading case after case of candles.
As soon as I saw the heart skipped a beat...because I knew what I was looking at.  And it was a great thing mind you...because the Christmas candles were pretty picked out and sold...but who expects to see SAS candles that I knew were coming back at the end of the month out now?
When I made that picture post yesterday of the Semi Annual Sale info:
{by the way I know I put jingle bell belini instead of Jingle Bellini... adding the bell and misspelling bellini...geesh people are sooo critical}
 I knew that we would be seeing the Provence line and the Coastal Cool line coming back in home fragrance.  Seeing these others....Summer Sips, Garden Party, Fresh Picked, Destinations, and the Artisan....this definitely led me to think that they will also be returning at the end of this month.
And truth be told....It made me smile.  I don't know if its the time of year or what....And I did enjoy some of the candles from each of these lines...but I found myself more interested in smelling and buying these today than I did when they were originally out and then on clearance.
A few people asked me for help in finding things, and when I was done I asked the SA for the new travel sized trio fragrances because I couldn't find them.  They were suppose to be out but the staff didn't know where to put them so they didn't bring them out. Can't sell them in the back room....
I grabbed one of each scent and form in the travels,
And added a $5.00 sleeve, two hand soaps and used my free item coupon on the merry cookie mason jar candle and saved $15.00.
In between running for things the register girls needed, this one SA was running frazzled helping customers and stocking candles....
It is something to see....candle sale day.  People are different.  Some are rude and obnoxious while others get this community kind of behavior each helping the other find that perfect gift.  My hubby sat on the bench outside of the store watching me he said.  It was the first time in some time I was smiling he told me.  Later I got to get my picture taken with Santa at Walmart.
I snapped a few pictures of what was out to share. 
Please don't feel the need, {you know who you are} to comment about the blurriness of some pictures.  I don't always get to see they are when I am trying to sneak a picture, without glasses on, in a crowded store....until I get home.  And someone felt the need to comment that it would be nice for all of my pictures to be crystal clear so those who see them can see all of the details in the photo, that my blurry photos ruin it on them...
To that I have this to say...Sorry, My camera crew is on advice is to go to the store yourself and look... and stop poking the bear.
This is what I got as my second purchase today:
Five candles, and got that Holiday mason as my other free item, and used my $15.00 off of $40 coupon.
Part of the Candle Sale Day displays:
Holiday Traditions, Artisan and Fresh Picked
Provence, Garden Party and Destinations:

Coastal Cool and Summer Sips:



Coastal Cool, Fresh Picked and Provence:
Summer Sips and Coastal Cool, Made with Love and Holiday Traditions:

Garden Party

Summer Sips



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