Friday, December 12, 2014

Omg NO candle sale here at my store!

December 12, 2014
It's funny, I wrote that blog about the candle sale just now...stood up from the computer and thought...hmm...
My email that came at 8pm last night was for the hand soaps.  And being as in tune as I am with this brand....I called the store because what I thought was....
No candle sale here in my area today.
They did put out some new fragrances and the soaps are on sale.  And because the online site reads in stores only they will honor it they said.
But how interesting that everywhere else there is a candle sale happening...
And what is even more odd is the fact that they held back, in my area, that holly jolly candle for this specific day....(that's how I knew it was $8.00 candle day way back in September or October....yet it's not even featured
Well at least I won't have to fight the crowds....
Let me know in the comments below if your store didn't have the sale either.  (if it doesn't show it did go through)

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