Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bath & Body Works | SAS purchases Day 5

December 30, 2014
I was able to visit the mall quickly today and took a chance on checking out Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale and finding some new.
This store only got in the new mini candle in the Black Teakwood, none of the 3 wick size...and I smelled it and it smelled like Mahogany Teakwood and Black Tie to me.  The label on the mini candle is the same as the large.
The rest of the red box covered tables still looked the same, filled with the same things I saw a few days ago, but the candle wall had a little bit of help with the addition of some (wallflower) tester candles {clear labels} and small jar candles. 50% off is still not enough off for those.
The mini candles on that wall were still priced at $1.50 and I grabbed 22 of them and after using my coupon they came down to 87 cents each.  Yay.
One of the minis rang up full price and I saw the SA override the price, but in looking at it when I got home I noticed it is a new candle yet to come.
Honeysuckle Bouquet from White Barn.
The other new thing I saw were the wallflowers in beautiful yellow and pink colors, and I saw the True Blue Spa ❥Glycolic Foot Cream was also out.
The other item I purchased was the Dark Amber cologne at 50% off for hubby taking advantage of that $20 off of $50 coupon.  I am going to miss having that when it expires in a few days.
Three weeks today we should see the first floorset of the new year and I am looking forward to seeing what Bath and Body Works has in store for us in 2015.  The new bounce back coupon promises 30 new fragrances....which would average out to at least three new a month for ten months. I am hoping for new, new... not just new names.
How about something along the line of Roses....




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