Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bath & Body Works | What is next??

December 20, 2014
With Holiday at Bath and Body Works coming to a close in the next few days, I wanted to get a post up about what we should be seeing next.
Today was Super Saturday and while some of the sales of the day were changed; my store was extremely busy with shoppers looking to grab the Buy 3 get 3 free Signatures, $12.00 candles, and the Super Saturday Bucket.
Hopefully on Monday, stores carrying the holiday blanket will have them out for sale; $15.00 with a $30 purchase. Had they offered them today I would have bought one with my $50.00 purchase.
Then we will see the Semi Annual Sale items begin to show up.  Online on Christmas Eve  I heard and in stores December 26th.
My store put out a lot of the items we should be seeing for SAS as fillers for the empty shelves after this weeks sales and I must say it was nice seeing these past months items once more.  I grabbed a Paris Amour Candle from the Destinations line today. Not that I like the scent, I like the label and I have that jar lid topper with the Eiffel Tower on it and I thought it made a nice set. 
I mentioned in an earlier post the Signature Fragrances that are leaving the shelves:
Amber Blush
Country Chic
Pure Paradise
Add to those, two men's Signature Fragrances are also leaving:
Twilight Woods
Dark Amber

 When the three signatures go.....they recommend these other scents to fill that for amber blush they suggest cashmere glow, twilight woods, wild Madagascar vanilla

for pure paradise its endless weekend or COOL amazon rain (coming)

but for Country Chic....they suggest white citrus and in February.....Love & Sunshine.
Now I can't be sure yet if all of these scents will become online exclusives or not, so should you want to stock up SAS is the time to do it.
Coming Back for Home Fragrance we could see these collections:
Candles and Hand Soaps so far
Coastal Cool
Fresh Picked
Garden Party
Summer Sips
White Barn
I saw a wall of the hand soaps in store today, along with the Pocketbacs. Keep in mind all stores are different so what I see in mine may vary from what your stores get.
Returning Signature Body Care 
In what forms I am not sure yet.
Violet Lily Sky
Pear Blossom Air
Golden Magnolia Sun
Strawberry Sparkler
Jingle Bellini
Strawberry Sparkler Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksStrawberry Sparkler Shower Gel - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Jingle Bellini Shower Gel - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksVanillatini Shower Gel - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksVanillatini Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
The Vanillas:
Coconut Vanilla
Berry Vanilla
Lemon Vanilla
Apricot Vanilla
Aromatherapy returns are suppose to be:
Vanilla Verbena
Night Time Tea
Black Chamomile
Eucalyptus Tangerine
So SAS will keep us busy from December 26th through until January 20th if the new bounce back coupon is any indication.
On this new coupon (beginning January 20th 2015) are photos of the new
Brazilian Collection
of Home and Body Care.
A week prior to their release, we will get the opportunity to try these Signature Body Care Fragrances in 3oz lotions:
Lush Pink Dragon Fruit
Cool Amazon Rain
Fresh Brazil Citrus
Available in these forms:
Fine Fragrance Mist
Shower Gel
Ultra Body Cream
Travel sizes
Here are the scent notes of the Lush Pink Dragon fruit.
Remember this is a month away from release, we will see more information in the coming weeks.
Hand Soaps:
Deep Cleansing and Gentle Foaming
Rio Samba Sunset
Copacabana Coconut
Amazon Falls-
Black Teakwood-
Brazilian Blue Waters-
Mango Dragon Fruit-
Rainforest Gardenia
Wallflower Bulbs:
 Amazon Falls-
Black Teakwood-
Brazilian Blue Waters-
Mango Dragon Fruit-

And some information of new:

True Blue Spa

❥Apricot and White Tea face scrub
❥Citrus Face Scrub
❥Fragrance Free Body Cream
❥Glycolic Foot Cream
❥Shea Cashmere and Silk Body Lotion and Shower Cream
If I hear more, I will be sure to update this post. 
So who is ready to Samba?

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