Monday, December 8, 2014


December 8, 2014
This mornings Bath and Body Works email included the pedestal and candle promotion that we have all been waiting for as well as a soap sale, candle sale and a coupon offer.
I glanced at is as I shook the sleep cobwebs off, posted the email to my Facebook page and got my day started.
I was thinking about which candles I would be getting today to go along with the promo...even though I know a candle sale is potentially happening on the 12th.  I thought I could buy three candles on sale today, add in the promo and a 2.00 gift bag and use the new coupon for $20 off of a $50 purchase and get four candles, a pedestal and a gift bag for $30.00. I wasn't feeling great to go in the store so I did a phone order to get what I needed.

And let me just say for the record about Fridays potential candle sale, I was told that there are other marketing signs that could indicate the price may be $9.00 rather than $8.00 as we saw in that photo that was leaked.  As we saw first hand on another item, the cost of the body cream was upped a dollar from what was originally thought to happen so we may in fact see something different for the I am just preparing you.
Before I had breakfast I called customer service once more regarding the order I placed last week wanting it cancelled....and I was told I had 30 minutes after I placed it to cancel it.  And even though it won't ship to me for another 8 days...(ugh) it hasn't processed and it will not be cancelled. Wonderful.
So I was in a mood.  And with all that I have been reading on social media about the "leaks" and the fallout of did not make my mood any more pleasant. We sharers are getting hammered.
I grabbed some tea and proceeded to do what I do every morning.  I check the online page for new products.  The candle collection WISHES is already online, and set to come out with the December 14th floor set so they aren't new.  And the Love, Wish, Kiss signature scents are also online and also in that same floor upon finding nothing new to share in my photo albums on my FB page...I went there to check if I needed to respond to any questions or comments from over night.
I answered a few comments and shared a link where needed and then  saw a comment from a BBW employee trying to correct someone who posted their thoughts about the current promos issues.
She began with saying that no one was mad about the promo leak...(um really, I know personally better than that)....and she went on to state her case that the companies promos are never set in stone...and that is why it makes the company look bad because people get their hopes up when in reality confidential information should never be released to the public until the sale begins.

I wrote and expressed my thoughts:

The original posting of the leak was not done by a blogger but  by someone who had access in store in management to that tidbit...and it went rampant on social media....

  ...We as consumers LOVE a deal...and we love to know what is coming so we can plan our LUXURY spending wisely. What we DONT LOVE is feeling as if we are being punished because some information got out and now the companies bottom line isn't what they hoped or projected it would be for this quarter. I am a major supporter of this company as I have shown for some time now not only with my writings but with my wallet....We get it.....Oh....and when the new marketing comes in for $9.00 candles instead of the leaked $8.00 price we will get that too!

and the response back was if I think that this was the reasons for the changes, why keep posting and spoiling it for everyone.

Now wait.... we as consumers go to the store to shop...and there we are told all about the current...and the new...and the stuff in the backroom that is coming...and some stores will let some who share buy it early....and some stores will tell EVERYTHING.....and share their sales catalogs that gets posted everywhere....or the employees are sharing sensitive, confidential info socially themselves.......

And we that's okay.

Then someone who shouldn't have....leaked a photo of a piece of paper that listed the deals of the upcoming days...and the sharers (bloggers) and everyone else sees it...and shares it some more in their private groups and friends pages and EVERYWHERE....

and some people aren't very happy...

so the deals get changed....and someone...somewhere comes to my...MY  fun, here are tips and pics and ways to save....did I say fun....because I try to get through my days by drowning my sorrows in bubbles and wax....

You come to my page....and intimate that my...MY sharing is spoiling it for everyone.

And as a blogger...I am suppose to smile...and share and not say a word....keep it pleasant and friendly...and don't tell anyone the back story of crap that happens...because no one would believe it...but I do keep it documented because sometimes I don't believe it. The name calling and utter worse than high school nonsense....UGH.

There was a time I was quiet and took a lot of nonsense before and decided some time ago...if you engage me...bring a helmet.

I am not hurting anyone...and I try to help if I could.  So many people love to know about their favorite brand.  They want the they can look for it in there area....and we all share our photo hauls...and create groups because it is suppose to be FUN.

So you come to my Facebook page....state your...thoughts....then tell me I am trying to humiliate you.

You did it yourself with your post. 

If you felt so strongly about your views...why delete your comments?  Why change your FB name?

Why come and throw sand at me...

According to the non-disclosure policy more customer answers to questions in store when we ask about something new coming.
Sales associates are to tell us...its a surprise.
Oh that is going to be FUN too...

No wonder I get headaches.  So I unpublished my LITP facebook page now. 

I am not feeling well and I don't need the aggravation. It doesn't mean I am not going to still be
Shall we talk Semi Annual Sale.....  ;)


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