Monday, December 22, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Saturdays Purchases

December 22, 2014
I hadn't taken the time yet to blog about my recent purchases this past weekend so I wanted to be sure I did now while I am taking a heating pad break. 
Let me just reiterate that the coupon with the $20 off of $50 was a huge help this holiday season, so thanks B&BW for that.
And on this quick trip into the store to deliver the little gifts to my girls I wandered around and grabbed a few things that I didn't really need, but wanted.
I am not a fan of the Paris Daydream scent. But since I do own that jar topper with the Eiffel Tower on it, I wanted to be sure I grabbed a jar with a label that matched in case I ever need to use it as a set.
I have a pocketbac monkey on my back, yes, we all know that.  In seeing some of this past years scents back for SAS and tucked inside the nearly empty display, I grabbed a few more. And that cute raccoon holder. 

And for those with Smart Soaps in store, (everyone else will have them by spring) The refills were now priced at $3.00 each rather than the sale price of 6 for $18.00 so I grabbed a few more.  We LOVE this soap machine. Same batteries working in it and we use it hard daily....and we finally emptied our first refill.  What is great is the refills stack nicely and don't leak if you want to change them out before they empty. Now wouldn't a lotion dispenser like this also be nice?

My store just called me, knowing I wanted a blanket that is offered today...and knowing I am not feeling well.  I did a phone order, got some True Blue Shea shampoo, and conditioner and the new silky shower cream...for free...added a sweet clementine large hand sanitizer for hubby and the blanket all for $30.00.  Pictures to follow.
Yep, Love that coupon!
Hoping your day is as comfy as a cozy blanket too. ~Tess



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