Sunday, December 14, 2014

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December 14, 2014
'Twas the day after candle day and all through the store,
a few customers were stirring, still looking for more....
New coupons and discounts were had in email,
and the clerks at the counter were still frazzled and pale...
When what to my wandering eyes did appear....
but a sign for $12 buck candles and 120 new cases sitting near....
Yes, okay I am being silly...the first day I felt well enough to venture out for more than five minutes.  Tomorrow is biopsy day....positive and healing thoughts please...I would appreciate it....
Now, back to the store... The counters, tables and walls were almost bare.  Like a team of locusts, we shoppers were hungry for wax and we shopped and bought and drained them.
I saw the SA coming over putting the $12.00 signage for the almost bare table and asked her how the day was going.  She said there are more candles coming, 120 cases tomorrow....apparently the truck broke down before delivery so they are coming tomorrow.  Which doesn't help those who wanted more Christmas candles yesterday and kept asking for them...but it is still great news because I wanted a few more.
Now the candles I saw yesterday in all of the scents collections I mentioned, I am sure we will still be seeing them by the end of the month.
So all of those Collections; Provence, Fresh Picked, Destinations, Artisan, White Barn, Coastal Cool, and Summer Sips to name a few.. should still be around.  I know from reading posts on social media, not everyone is happy to see them and they wanted others. Wouldn't it be great to see some test store scents that we wanted and that didn't make the cut show up?  Its odd isn't it....they put the scents in a store...and people buy them... yet they don't launch them nationwide.  They weren't pulled back from sales...they just were sold were not everyone can get them.
Todays store email was a mystery discount: and mine was for 20% off. 
And there was another coupon offered today via this link below, where you can get a A thousand Wishes product free (valued to $14.00) with any purchase after sharing your email address.
So that is what I got today, the crystal confetti hair and body spray and I got the FFM free.  I added two boxes of matches because they are so cute.
Now this is the time of year where things will settle down a bit at the BBW.  They will be gearing up for Super Saturday...on December 20th and we should be seeing a few more deals daily...and then its clearance out the holiday along with SAS.... 
Before we see anything new, new.
There is one more Bucket of favorites coming for Super Saturday....and we still haven't seen the triple layer candle so I bet that will come out then.
I cant think if there is anything else I am missing.
Michaels Craft store is having 60% off Christmas so if your in need of anything the store here still had a great selection.  I only grabbed some bows and the gift boxes...(and a cobble stone roll of vinyl for my village).


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