Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bath & Body Works shopping visit | December 6th, 2014

December 6, 2014
With it pouring cats and dogs here today I didn't expect to be doing much more than I have been these last few days with my husband working so much overtime. And that is mainly trying to catch up on house work and holiday chores in case I need surgery.  But with a break in his work, not the weather...I did get a chance to venture out to the mall about an hour away and I checked out the Bath and Body Works store there.
You could barely walk into the store there were that many shoppers at the front entrance trying to grab the $4.00 daily deal on Body Creams.  Pushing your way through the crowd...which by the way is not a  fun way to shop...your met with a cloud of fragrances each overpowering the last. It would seem that everyone there today was spraying something to test it.
Hubby had the "I want to be anywhere but here" look on his face and when he saw how long the lines were his only thought was to leave. 
I scanned the aisles quickly looking for something new all while trying not to get knocked over with big bags filled with goodies that kept passing me by.  I saw a few new things, one being the new hand cream in the Signature Scent coming December 14th Wish Vanilla and Apple Fizz scent and some new cosmetic bags.
I saw my favorite sales person heading my way and asked him what else they had that may be new that I already don't own and he checked in the back and told me that was it for now.  I grabbed one of the hand creams and the larger of the cosmetic bags and got into line. 
 While there I did see the cute polar bear mini candle sleeve ($4.50)  so I added him and two fifty cent pocketbac holders to help round things out to $30.00.
As I was being checked out I noticed the adorable polar bear bag ($3.50) at the cash wrap and he too ended up coming home with me.
I fully expected that this store would also be included in my email demographic area and that would include the $4.00 body cream sale but I must admit, when I found out that there were other stores having a 50% off everything sale in store today instead of the body cream I was a bit miffed since we in this area NEVER get that kind of sale. 
It's like a slap in the face when they put a sale like that "in select areas" and your area never seems to make it. Would I have spent more with that kind of sale?  Probably. Who wouldn't. 
Those who shop faithfully know even after the holiday is over the gift sets start at 25% a 50% off three weeks before would have been great.
So when I think about it I guess they did me a favor and what I saved there I can spend somewhere else.
Ha, ha....probably on  ;)
I saw these pretty plates on my way out of the store.
The large cosmetic bag I purchased today.  $19.50

Can be hung on a door


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