Monday, December 22, 2014

Cross Roads Original Design Candle Company

December 22, 2014
With a love of candles for adding fragrance to my home, I am always interested in trying out new candle companies products and reviewing them.
After hearing about the Cross Roads Candle Company earlier this month I placed my first large order with them on December 11th online.  I just received it December 19th.
I did call to inquire about their products and to find out what would be a great starting point to try these and twice I was sent to voice mail...and my messages were not returned.
So I checked out the site and picked a $100.00 worth of wax items. They do offer so much more than candles!
While I did get an email when my order was placed, I didn't get anything when it shipped, so unsure where it was or when I would have it, I called on Friday and was told it was out for delivery. They ship Fed-Ex.
They do ship well, in a strong box with plenty of compartments to hold the items securely.  That I really liked.
My first item out of the box was a 26 oz. double wick candle priced at $20.99 in the scent of Sage and Citrus. I paid the additional $2.00 for a custom label and was soon disappointed to see I did not receive the correct label. 
The 26-ounce candles have a burn time of 120-140 hours. Each candle is made with a very clean burning, blended paraffin wax which allows the maximum amount of fragrance.

I love primitive but this design was no where close to what I wanted.  I opted for the custom label rather than the standard company name clear label but a fat goose was not doing it for me.  :)
I called the company and again, salesmen were too busy but a nice gentleman told me he would get me a new label in the mail and I can remove the other.  When it did come, it was much smaller in size for this size jar, but it was at least what I wanted. 

I put it on and it looks nice. I did begin burning this scent today and it is a typical warm sage and citrus scent with some throw but not to the upstairs which was fine.  It was burning beautifully.
The next sized candle I purchased was the 16 oz. classic jar size and it is priced at $16.50. This 16-ounce candle has a burn time of 80-100 hours.  I grabbed this one in a favorite holiday scent of balsam fir.  As soon as I burn it I will post a review. This shows what the clear labels look like.
The next item I purchased was their crumbles and I could smell the scent of these through the bag. I chose the scent of "the comforts of home" and it is really beautiful.  What bothered me though was the condition of the bag.  It was really beat up.  I like presentation of a product, especially for gifting and this was not what I expected. This 6oz bag is priced at $8.99. 

This is how much you receive.
Next, I purchased mini melts in three scents; Cinnamon bun, Santa's Cookie Crumble and Lilac. These are priced $9.00 for 6 pieces. Each wafer weighs one ounce.

And finally, I ordered votive candles in two scents; Bayberry and Cinnamon, and Balsam Fir.
The Votives have a 15-hour burn time. They are individually wrapped and sold 6 per scent, priced at $13.00. 
And while I haven't burned these yet, here are a few thoughts on these.  The colors shown on the site do not match what I received, which was also disappointing. And maybe because I do candles so much, I tend to expect certain names/scents to be a certain color.  Bayberry candles to me have always been a green color....a warm green not light teal blue green.  And I expected a darker green color for the Balsam Fir candle votive as well. You can see the jar candle color of the Balsam above and it's richer in color.  These look like summer colors.

I plan on burning all of these this week to get a feel for them and then I will come back and write out my thoughts on each scent and how they did with pictures to match.
 Because I do a lot of candle burning and reviews in the past for other companies, Please note, these were not sent to me for free to review for the company.  I purchased and paid for all of these items and will post my thoughts and experiences with them as I try each item.
If you love candles too,
Please take a moment and check out Cross Roads Candles website for yourself and be sure to see all of their custom label designs for the jar candles. I do love that they offer us that chance to make each scent personalized to our own surroundings.
Thanks for stopping by....and happy scenting! ~ Tess 


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