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Bath & Body Works | A tale of two candles and a Pedestal | On Candle Sale Day

December 12, 2014
I remember the times the candles were 2/$20 at Bath and Body Works and that meant with every coupon or survey code you had, you got one for free. A distant memory now with 2/$22 sales.
So when candle sale day comes now...getting the candles for $8.00 is a big thing and when there are $20 off of $50 coupons out, even better..
Six candles, and something for $2.00 and you save big.
Last night I posted a picture of my $2.50 hand soap email I got when everyone else seemed to get the $8.00 candle sale email.  And I mentioned earlier today that I called my store and lo and behold they were NOT scheduled for a $8.00 candle sale.  They weren't even prepped for it.  And of Holly Jolly Candles were in stock.
Today they were to have $2.50 hand soaps as their special....but because so many saw the online site or received the email...the store was filled with people milling around adding candles to already sagging from the weight bags. 
I wandered around myself looking for that focasata candle and when I asked for it I was told it wasn't in the back yet even....because today was not suppose to be the sale here.  But they will honor it. 
You would have thought people were grabbing food...hearing those words set the store on fire...and why not?  If they are out...sell them...
If you have empty shelves....awesome...good job....dust them off and wait for more to come...
And like I mentioned this morning,  the new trio of signature fragrances were out on the A frame ladder and the new Wish Collection candles were also out and available for sale.
I looked briefly for the wallflowers but that area was super crowded and my bag was already too heavy for what I should be lifting so I didn't delve further into searching for them.
I was in on Tuesday this week to pick up my phone order from Monday and the tables and walls were still full of candles.  Today, they became very picked out.
Today my main interest was that one candle, but since I was there ...well, you know when in Rome...I grabbed six candles.
 I was going to use my free item coupon but the only way I could use that one with these candles was with a $40 purchase.  Since that coupon is still good until Christmas eve, I wanted to get better savings by using the 20/50 coupon...which made each of my candles $5.09.  I added the two gift bags below as well making my total for 6 candles and 2 bags $37.10.
 I keep visiting this cute bear plate thinking I will get him for free every time I go and every time I leave without him.
These are the only two mini masons left in the Made with Love line and I think its because they just came out.
Ok, so that is my story about Candle Sale day.  Here's the part about the pedestal from the title.
I placed an order for those troublesome pedestal/candles purchase with purchase on December 4th since I found them on line early, pre release.  With a usual one day shipping I thought, great I will get them and have them for gifts prior to BBW ever deciding what day they now will come out. As it turned out they scheduled the day for Monday the 8th, and as planned they hit stores.
As unplanned my order was stuck and not even processed...and BBW refused to cancel it.
I told them I would pull the payment back...which I could have...but didn't.  And today, along with a coffee pot for my sister, I received the BBW order from the 4th.
Open the packaging...and surprise....two candles, one free gift pedestal.
Um.....The box wasn't packed super great...which surprisingly enough nothing was smashed...but not two pedestals. 
They were sold as a set....and the pedestals ended up online available the other day, that I mentioned on my where in the world is my second pedestal?
I called customer service and was told, "yes, we ran out of them."
And when I asked if they were getting any more in I was told no, so anyone who didn't get one who calls we will take care of it.
Shouldn't it have been taken care of prior to shipping?  I know factories from years of firsthand experience and shipping and if the item is not there,...was not picked and not available... it gets credited back and the invoice I marked usually in house without a call.
They were waiting for me to call I suppose. And that's why I called my store on Monday to make sure I got one...because I had a feeling they would be sold out in the store and something would be wron in my order because they were so busy online.
So my thoughts of gifting these as a set are now disappointing.
But I do appreciate their care in taking it off my invoice now....soooo.... what should I give along with the candle?  A sleeve perhaps...
I look forward to seeing everyone's hauls on all of the social media sites from #candlesaleday
Post, post , post.....Hugs, Tessie.

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