Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Todays Bubble Ventures

December 9, 2014
Todays sale at Bath and Body Works was for Aromatherapy products and my first thought was at how much I already had so I didn't give it another thought even when I went in the store today to pick up yesterdays purchases. That is until now when I realized that I could get more pillow mist for $5.00. 
I don't know about anyone else, but I do love the smell of the pillows after they have been sprayed.  Even walking into the room some time afterwards, the scent lingers and smells lovely.
And I didn't plan on going to the mall today to get my order because I am still not feeling great, but we are in for a Nor'easter here overnight now and tomorrow I may not get the chance to go at all, so I went.  They were predicting bunches of snow for us and with every new weather report, the inches decrease...and I am on board with that.  I don't think I should be lifting heavy, wet snow now.
So I am in the store wandering around and it is crowded and busy...but I cant really find anything that I don't already own...or that I need.  I want to use my free item coupons up but I am willing to wait until this weekends floor set and hopefully I can get something then.  As I was resolved to leave with my huge bag I turned and saw my aunt just coming into the store.  And weak or not...this girl has got to help her auntie shop.
It would seem I am turning her into a BBW-nista and todays mission for her was bubble bath.  She never uses the signature products so she's never paid attention to them or the body creams until we were talking about them the other night.  So here she was on the hunt for them...{sadly I didn't know about the b3g3 tomorrow} and one fragrance at a time she sniffed and smiled and added another bottle to her bag.  She ended up getting ten bottles....
And a few body creams and some pocketbacs (one for me as a thank you for helping her figure out how to save at the register) and refills and of course...plus the pedestal set.
...and yes this 75 years young aunt of mine also bough the fox change purse set.
When all was said and done, she shopped for $150.00 worth of merchandise pre-coupons and then went on to save $60.00....(not including the four free signature products.
I would have loved to stay and shop more and have dinner with her, but I knew my limit on being out window was closing so I grabbed some take out and headed home.
My bag of wax treasures consisted of three candles purchased yesterday, the pedestal set and the stocking bear gift bag....for $31.80.
I cant wait for that Holly Jolly Candle to finally come out so I will hush up about it...ha ha. It's such a nice scent and I have wanted it since SEPTEMBER!
I saw there was a new scent added for the Smart Soap machines; Twisted Peppermint.  Which now joined the Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple.
And I had to take this pic....is it just me or is this bear SMIRKING?  Ha Ha.

I showed my hubby the $150.00 bear sitting on the back counter and said he looks like he wants to go home with us.  He looked at the bear...and then at me and said, "My first car cost $150.00. 
Sorry Snowball.

 Today's in store sales were mason candle jars 2/$20, and the Winter Candy Apple Novelty Hand Soap was priced at $10.00.


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