Friday, December 12, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale

December 12, 2014
Until I can post that little yellow card with all of the names on it...I will speculate as to what I think is coming back.
Sensual Amber, Dark Kiss, Coconut Lime Breeze, Cherry Blossom
and we know Amber Blush, Pure Paradise and Country Chic will be joining the new in the bins as they are becoming online exclusives.
A little Be Enchanted, Cucumber Melon and Wild Honeysuckle?  Maybe...they tend to be summery fragrances to me, but I wouldn't be surprised.
Black Raspberry Vanilla, Brown Sugar and Fig, Juniper Breeze, Secret Wonderland, White Tea and Ginger, Carried Away, Midnight Pomegranate, Black Amethyst, Sheer Freesia, Cotton Blossom, Rain Kissed Leaves...Forever Sunshine, Butterfly Flower, Dancing Waters, Enchanted Orchid, and of course Forever Midnight are also available for the picking to add to the SAS 2015 returns.
Soon we will know for sure the to the sales...I do know some, but I will wait to share it all....but there should be the typical $3.00 lotions and $5.00 body creams, $3.00 soaps and Wallflower bulbs..

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