Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Semi-Annual Sale | Day two store visit

December 27, 2014
I think I went into the Bath and Body Works store today with some great expectation of finding some kind of treasure and came away with a bit of disappointment because of that thinking and finding none.
Truth be told, $8.00 candle day ruined me.  The store then...both days since my store was lucky enough to do it twice...both days the store was jamb packed with merchandise and it made you want to check everything out.  Today, not so much. It looked empty, and junked up. I would lay it out differently for sure...if I ruled the world.  ;)

I would also make it a test store.
 Maybe it was because of the old dogs that were what was back and I was over them and lusted for more new.... or maybe it was because the signage and pricing was confusing. Even to me, a seasoned shopper with this company... I can't imagine what the novice thought.  Or maybe that was my problem.  I knew what looked off and was turned off by it.
Either way, I grabbed only a few things and waited in line in the overly warm store for my turn for a yellow ducky bag...and then left. 
This time of year is when the true shoppers hit the stores after the goods.  Goods to be kept for birthdays, and holidays neatly tucked in gift drawers and closets alike. Those things that will make us smile when we give the gift because we knew, we saved.
  Check BBW off of that list for now.  I was told there are suppose to be two phases of SAS....I can't begin to imagine what the second phase has in store if what I saw today was the first phase.  Granted, I went in on day two so maybe, just maybe all the great stuff got purchased yesterday?  Ha ha. Or maybe it never made it out to the floor?
As soon as you walk into the store, you see a 50% off table. 
This is where the Vanillas were, the Hawaii line...and the Artisan Collection as well. Pure Paradise was here too along with that group of summer scents.  I looked, and passed.  I have so much body care still, I need to do my own SAS.
Don't get me wrong, these are all great fragrances...and it is good they are back for a second go round for those who love them and need more. I was just hoping that my store would have something we normally don't get. 
The only 75% off table in the store  was off to the right and had a few holiday tradition items left in it.  A few FFM and some shower gels, not much else.  No bubble baths or swirl cream to be found. Plenty of Forever Midnight...yikes.  

Truth be told...I did not care for what Bath and Body Works did regarding the deals of the day so I skipped buying any of this holiday leftovers.  I did take it personally that they took some great sales away in order to punish us consumers over the leaked information. I read what they made each week....they certainly did NOT suffer over the changes. Not nice.  And yes, $3.50 now for a FFM is better than the $4.00 price it was to be BEFORE Christmas...but it is the principle of the thing for me. 

More 50% off tables with more oldies.
I saw two boxes of the fall candle minis marked 50% off  on the bottom shelf of this table but passed... $11.25


Directly behind the front table was the table of the Jingle Bellini, Strawberry Sparkler and

And behind those, the A frame ladder filled with Sun, Air Sky items.

The soaps not in the wall were on tables off to the left by the sink and marked at 50% off. And directly in front of them was the table with the $3.00 TMC creams.

Behind the soap was the display of the now leaving Dark Amber and Twilight Woods for men.

Scent portables were 2 for $5.00 or 5 for $10.00 but they too were really picked out.

This table of dual packs of Wallflowers were priced at $6.00

These wallflower dual packs were priced at $8.00.  Why?  No idea...but I passed.

Candle prices were either 50% off ($11.25) or $12.00.  No $8.00 candles here. Why pay $12.00 for candles that were out on $8.00 candle day and were a bit cheaper when they actually launched earlier in the year? And why do some stores have bunches of $8.00 candles?

As you can see the candle wall is pretty empty...and messy.

At the register, the mist hand sanitizers were pried at $3.00 each.  I grabbed a few of the apple....I use them to sanitize tables when I go out to eat.

And the new Brazilian Collection Lotions were out at the cash wrap priced at 3 for $6.00. I will try them out later...

 Here are my SAS purchases....
Evergreen candles....because they never came in the store for Christmas time purchase...(and yes, I will say it again...nor did the Holly Jolly Christmas candles ;)  ---and the mini candles were $1.50 and the bulbs $2.50

And the stores are now giving out the Bounce back coupon I shared a week ago that begins January 20th.

I used a $20 off of $50 coupon and my gift card.
Hopefully in the next few weeks (three until floorset)  the stores will get in more items and they will drop the prices on things they already have.  Even the pocketbacs were regular sale price, priced. Until then, I guess I will have to check out other stores to see what they are offering to fill my gift drawer.


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