Sunday, September 27, 2015

A shade of something Fall | Gift Giving Purchases

September 27, 2015

Fall is definitely here in Pennsylvania.  The air is getting that perfect crisp to it, keeping the days still warm but not unbearable, while nature gets its cue it's time to slip into something more comfortable.  A shade of something Fall.

I watch from my window this dance of the seasons...all while thinking of snow covered paths that will need to be cleared and presents that will need to be wrapped.

Truth is I am always thinking about presents. 

My list of presents for the B girls/guys is a bit longer this year so I am trying to find nice little things to convey my thanks for their hard work all year long.  We all see the "front" end prettiness when we go into the stores....and most often never give another thought as to the hard work to make it happen.  Knowing all I do, I appreciate it all.

I shared previously some photos of the coffee mugs and Yankee Candle Snowman candle burners I found for them. 

Yesterday, while checking out my Michaels Craft store I found some paper goods to add to the Dollar Tree pocket calendars and planners I have already bought.  Cute boxes of Sabrina Soto memo note papers and packages of notecards and a great price.

I know in a world of internet everything, people rarely mail anything anymore.  I still do.  I am a very tactile person and love the feel of "life" and the sharing of thoughts via cards and notes.  Even in my sales, I try to put a simple little card into the box saying thank you...sharing my grateful heart.

And I did try to pick out neutral patterns....from what they had.  I do love the Christmas themes I have given before...but I wanted something that older and younger could use.  Fingers crossed. Oh and Sparkly Pencils...  I need Sparkly Pens too!!!

I saw candles on QVC the other night I thought about getting for the managers bag.  Mrs. Slatkin had a hand in scenting them and I thought they sounded delish....and reasonably priced so I may get those.  How does Santa do it????

With Fall just starting a few days ago I know we are all thinking about pumpkin patches and leaf peeping, cooler nights and warm drinks.... But for those who think a bit further and love a sale...I like to share some finds in my neighborhood that you may like as well. Michaels 70% off sale aisle might have a few things you love too.

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