Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Test Candles and the mark of the blogger

September 9, 2015

I don't know when it happened....or why for that matter....but being known as a "blogger" has earned me/ and others,  a bad mark as a person according to those in charge of the information.

I feel sometimes when I read these negative remarks about bloggers that I should have a big letter B, like a scarlet A, stitched on my chest so people will readily know I am one who casts shame as I share.

How ridiculous.

I pity the workers who have to sign off beginning today, on not speaking to us shamers  or to sharing on social media anything new coming....and to give out misinformation as part of their daily job so we as the SHOPPERS and spenders of the GREEN don't figure out when sales are coming or the new TEST CANDLES launches and they can keep their job.  We love that...being lied to when we come to buy things. And we know it isn't their fault....they are as excited as us!!!!

That being are a few tidbits I heard of regarding the  Holiday Candles Test coming very soon.

I did promise I wouldn't say where....but we are all old pros at this right?  ....we know the who, what and where.  And the when, well that was already shared.

From what I was just told....There are three collections- again, there may be more.

As it gets closer I will figure out the collection names and what goes where....

Winter Sun
Snowflake and Spruce

Jingle All the Way
Dashing Through the Snow

Golden Peach Sparkle
Champagne Toast

Pomegranate Prosecco Punch
Cranberry Sugar Cookie

Winter Candy Apple
Vanilla Bean Noel

About ten new and fifteen I was told.

And please note...this is NOT the full list of names but only a few I was blessed enough to get.  All of our old favorites will show up as they do....Like Twisted Peppermint....and in a few days we will know and most likely see them all.  Hang in there friends of the is coming.


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