Monday, September 14, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Holiday Scents 2015 revealed

September 14, 2015
Here is another sneak peek of HOLIDAY to get us in the mood for what we will be seeing over the next few months at Bath and Body Works.  I know it's only September but we who are loyal shoppers to the brand like to have our "ducks" in a row and get our holiday planning in order.  Of course I can't know all of the scent notes yet, but just look at the cuteness in that marketing.  I knew when I saw the holiday candles last night (early this morning) with the buildings on the Holiday Traditions that we were going to be seeing that as a theme this year.  Love~
Be Joyful
A name from the trademark page and a perfect name for Holiday and Everyday.  Live with a Joyful heart is something I try to do daily.  P.S. I love snowmen.
Fresh Sparkling Snow.  Highly anticipated, this body care scent has everyone asking..."What does it smell like?"
 Winter Candy Apple.  Old, sweet friend. A holiday without WCA is like a lifetime without candy.
Coupons we all LOVE!
Vanilla Bean Noel.  Another dear friend to the Holiday lineup.
Fresh Balsam...Holiday Must have....unless you hate trees.  I, personally am a tree lover. ;)
And a few of our old timers get a new party dress label make over for the holidays.  I know a lot of people are sick of seeing this scent everywhere for so long but it does work for many.  I can wear this scent and I will be getting the shower gel for sure....and that ornament next to it is a great idea for those of us who craft.....
As soon as I find out more details, you all know I will be a sharin'.  'Cause the weather outside may not be frightful...yet....but insider info IS so delightful....

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