Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Holiday 2015 Signature Names and Scent Notes

September 24, 2015
With a bit of good fortune, I was able to get the names of the new Holiday Signature Fragrances coming out soon.
I know we will see our favorite Holiday Traditions scents of:
Winter Candy Apple
Vanilla Bean Noel
Twisted Peppermint
But this year it would seem we are in for a few more and what fun names they are.
We saw on the newest bounce back coupon the Trio of Signature Fragrances next to come out are:
Wrapped in Comfort ~ Cashmere and Almond Crème
Cup of Warmth ~ Vanilla Chai and Biscotti
Cozy Sunday Morning ~ Soft Chamomile and Bergamot
I was told in a few different stores the Comfort, Cozy and Warmth set will come out this weekend available for Monday....but other stores have told me no, just the walls are changing with Snow, Sparkle and Shine holiday preview Home Fragrances and Pocketbacs and Hand Soap.  So I cannot say with definite certainty when to expect those.
Now when these next fragrances are definitely launching....I am not sure if they are coming as a group all at once or a few here and there...But I was told holiday is launching early (October 11th) so the waiting time is short. Here is what I know:
*Fresh Sparkling Snow
iced pear, frozen melon, winter apple, snow drop blossom, and frosted musk
*Winter Berry Wonder
* Frosted Winter Woods
frosted clementine, cedar woods, iced pear, velvety fir balsam, and vanilla bean
*Merry Berry Christmas
frosted raspberries, holly berries, pink Prosecco, jasmine wreath and crystal musk
*Jingle All the Way
iced clementine, sparkly snow flakes, north pole vanilla, holiday poppies, and blue spruce
* Snow Kissed Sugar
*Be Joyful
clementine, mango, winter melon, jasmine, golden amber
My Thoughts:
I didn't see the packaging on most of the other names shared.....short of these:
So I know Fresh Sparkling Snow, and Winterberry Wonder are in the same grouping because of the font used on the label.
My guessing that Frosted Winter Woods and Snow Kissed Sugar would be Signature fragrances names, because I found them on the trademark page, was confirmed when the worker who shared that mini sampler bottle (pictured below) with a customer, told that customer there was another name with woods in that makes three for this collection. Perhaps there are five in this collection?  And the Merry and the Jingle belong in here?
Fresh Sparkling Snow
Winterberry Wonder
Frosted Winter Woods
We see the font of the Holiday Traditions Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel is different than the FSS and WW so they are still in their own of course Twisted Peppermint, whose packaging is yet to be seen, will join them.
What I am wondering is this:  Is Snow Kissed Sugar going to be one of THESE Holiday Tradition scents...???  I think so.
Now I was told, Be Joyful is going to have a big launch like A Thousand Wishes did.
 I was told Jingle all the Way is going to be a filler in scent.  Kind of like a Mid-floorset addition. 
All I know is I am going to need three jobs to afford all of the goodies that are coming out....
and re-do scents or not....I am looking forward to experiencing a Winterberry Wonder inside of my Frosted Winter Woods with a coat of Fresh Sparkling Snow on the I Jingle all the Way to my Snowkissed Sugar to wish everyone a Merry Berry Christmas.  Because life is too short to not Be Joyful.....

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