Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bath & Body Works | September 3, 2015 | Summer Markdowns

Basically all of the Summer Poptail candles and WF's are 50%
All of the turquoise candles and WF's are 50%

The American Summer candles (Lighthouse, summer Boardwalk, etc.) candles and WF are 50% off

That big globe with the net around it is 50%

The nightlight Lighthouse plugin 50% off
The nightlight Kite unit is 50% off
The white & blue fabric unit with the anchor is 50% off
The Poptail soaps and PB's are 50% off
The Summer Body care and the beach collection body care that has been $7 for the past month is now 50% off

For the destination candles, Paris Daydream and Barcelona candles 50% off
The Blue and Yellow candles that never came for those 3 beach fragrances (they only ever got the pink candle), and those candles are 50% off too

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