Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bath & Body Works | #Jump Into Fall Shopping day one

September 10, 2015



I visited two different stores yesterday when the new Fall at Bath and Body Works decided to finally premier. Both decorated beautifully but differently.  One had the large maple tree with brilliantly colored leaves greet you at the front of the store while the other had paper folded boxes to resemble planters holding a few leaf twigs.

I understand that the A sales level stores got to have the beautiful display while the B and C sales level stores always seem to get the lesser quality product.  How will the B and C sales levels ever get to an A if they aren't always offered the same products to sell or the same "feel" when the customer comes?

Just my thinking out loud of something that has been in my head for a while now.

Both stores I visited told me they were in the stores until 4 and 6am finishing up
I read on numerous social media forums that this floor set was not only very time consuming but that the sales associates found some difficulty in getting it done because of lack of product to place and help to do it. 
None of that was apparent when you entered these stores.  They truly looked and smelled deliciously welcoming.  Great Job!

Having purchased almost everything new in bits and pieces over the last few weeks my main focus was on a few things that I couldn't yet acquire.

Halloween Tote
Halloween Candle #2 Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Black Cat mini Zippered wallet with travel set
Fall Matches
We Love Fall Candle

Both of the stores I visited were similar in what was out for sale.  The larger store had a few ceramic pieces available and the smaller store didn't.  The larger store had the Haunted House in the Cats Mouth display and the smaller one didn't.

Both had plenty of staff to welcome you and the manager in one and the co manager in the other took the time to answer my questions regarding those things I wanted.

The Halloween Candle Pumpkin Carving was to be place on the table with all of the other Ghoulish Goodies but it was being substituted with Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  I did find the Black Cat mini wallet I wanted so I grabbed two in case my aunt wanted one and I left with just that $30.00 purchase there.

The second store didn't have the We love Fall candle out and when I asked about it I was told it was in the back, but they were unsure of where to place it then, so it couldn't be sold.  (I just received a call that it is on the floor today).  I asked about the matches as I do like them and I found them with the Co Managers help located on the Pumpkin Candle Table.

I smiled looking at the candles that were out...after seeing so many of them offered on the secondary market sites because they were suppose to be White Barn Candle Co. exclusives months ago when they first launched testing...a few finally showed up in store.  Granted, most people shopping have no idea what is an exclusive anything...they go in and see a candle and either buy it or not. 

This only bothers those of us "loyal" followers who know the back story of the wax...and feel slighted for not having access to the candles as others do at sale prices because they live near test stores.  Unless we purchase them via Amazon, Ebay, or Instagram we won't get them until October/November release should they come then.

It is how things are done lately , and I can't change it and I can't let it bother me.

I did grab some of the wallflowers, that were on sale priced at $3.50 now, in the décor labels. The little bats are cute for the Halloween holders I have.  Even though I am shying away from purchasing more units because of the mess they are currently making to my kitchen shelf underside and the few pieces of wood furniture that has had the color removed from accidental spillage, I found myself grabbing these to add to the collection. I know as soon as I want them, they will be gone so...

I saw this six pack of wallflower refills and it reminded me of years past that also had a coffret of candles for the new fall collections.  I still have a few of those as well as the French lavender candles come to think of it.

Even though they said the Lippies were phasing out, there are three out for this current sale.  I didn't remember to snap a picture of the Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte flavor.  I would have purchased them had they changed the formula to non sticky.  I really liked that one....was it Wild Madagascar????  It was so smooth and not sticky I loved it.
Enough with the sticky already.

And I snapped a picture of the cute shower sponges that were out.  Pumpkins and Apples...the perfect compliment to a shower or gift basket.

Well that was my store trip yesterday.  I am going back tomorrow to see if anything else new came in that I was missing, and I will be grabbing my We Love Fall candle.  Don't forget, there is a
 "A Thousand Wishes" candle coming so keep checking to see when your store may get it in.  I would hate to miss out on that one as I did on the Tahiti candle. 

Well I am ready to Jump into another fun subject.....Holiday Test Candles....I just got a bunch more names and I am ready to share....


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