Friday, September 25, 2015

Notes: September 25, 2015 | Bath & Body Works - Sunday's sneak peek

September 25, 2015

Sunday, (9/27)
The stores will add a few Holiday touches to the wall areas when they bring out the Snow, Sparkle & Shine Collection of Home Fragrances and Body Care Products.

From what I know, we will see:

-Hand Soaps
-Hand Sanitizers (pocketbacs)

The candles out should be all of these scents:

Fresh Balsam
Frosted Cranberry
Vanilla Snowflake
Mahogany Teakwood
Fresh Sparkling Snow


*The Destinations Candle Collection should also be coming out Sunday, if they are not on the shelves already.  Some of the stores I did call have a few....out of the Nine that are in this collection.

I was told that the stores are getting a Saturday Candle delivery and that more are arriving and all of the scents should be ready for Monday.

I don't have any idea if these are newly labeled and different from what is still laying around from the previous release, I suppose we will need to wait and see what is shown on social media and online to note if they are different.

I was told a few of the scents are new. When I get the remainder of the scents for each place, I will add them to the main post.

The Destinations Candle Collection
Italy - Apple Tart
New York - Apple Toddy
Swiss Alps

Candles to watch for: Bergamot Waters and Leather and Agarwood

The Holiday gift sets are starting to take shape...AT Black Chamomile in a carrier set with a throwback look to it (my thoughts) with a daisy like gold flower. 

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