Monday, September 7, 2015

"It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas" | Holiday Test Candles - FAIL

September 7, 2015

I called a few of the stores I always call regarding candles last week (Thursday)  asking about the notorious Holiday Test Candles.  Each one told me the same thing..."We are setting those candles Sunday evening so call back Monday morning and we can tell you what we got in and what is put out."

Fair enough.  I couldn't ask for more than that, right?  Yesterday, Sunday...after reading so many comments regarding the test candles and their not coming out until September 14th, I called the stores once more. 

The first store said, yes they were getting ready to set to call back Monday ( today ) for a complete list as it was easier when they were on the floor.  I made sure I was specific about Holiday Test candles....and was told yes we have them in the back.

The next store, the same answer.  She even added that they were in the back that if I stopped in (yesterday) I could see them all I had to do was ask a manager.

You know where this is going right?

I waited and watched the clock for the stores opening today and called the first store.  Suddenly....amnesia. And the responses now were, "no, we don't do the holiday candles until October into November.  Call back then."   I mentioned I was told last week, as well as last night that they are already in the store and she asked what are you looking for again....and when I told her, she hesitated and said

The second store....yes we did a set last night....and no, I don't see anything your asking about.  When I mentioned a co manager told me they were in the back and I could see them had I come in without calling she again denied they were there saying she didn't notice them.

Now this store, when I called on Thursday, the girl answering the phone told me they got a huge shipment of candles in so she knew a floor set was coming for them (not fall) and that there were too many to remember to tell me then.


My husband is laughing standing behind me as I am talking to the girl on speaker phone.  When I hung up he smiled and said you do know they are lying.  I do.

For whatever is more nonsense (instead of business) as usual.

He is so fed up with what has been going on with a few of the stores here that he wants me to do business either online only or not at all.  I am starting to lean towards the not at all.


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