Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Notes: September 23, 2015

Just a few points to share tonight:
*In order to decrease security and liability risks there will no longer be ANY phone orders done at ANY Bath and Body Works Stores.
If we want to call and place an order (as I have done on those days I can't make it to a one day only sale and I don't want to miss out on it) we will NOT be able to....since the cashier will no longer be able to key in the numbers. A card will need to be swiped.
The options we will be told regarding phone orders are as follows:
They will Give us the phone number to customer service. 
Then Customer Relations will look for a closer store to us should we have a far distance to travel to get to a store.
Or the Cashiers will be told that they can offer us the web site address.
*They will still be able to do a return on a ONLINE order but will not be able to credit the credit card used for the amount of the return.  They will have the option to refund the payment in CASH or a Gift Card.
If the customer wants it refunded back to the credit card, we will be referred to the online site and that customer service department to handle it.
Sunday (9/27)
*The Snow and the Sparkle & Shine Home Fragrances will be hitting the walls as well as the Soaps and Hand Sanitizer section.  I think home fragrances is referring to Candles. 
*We will notice that little corner of the store that still had the old design of pocketbac refills available in a few scents, is going to disappear. It will be packed up Sunday Night and the new design will be the only refills available from now on.  If you wanted to grab a few more for your old style holders....don't wait too long.


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