Monday, September 14, 2015

Notes: September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

 Some days I hear nothing....just the crickets in my head wondering what is coming next...
And other days I get bunches of little tidbits.

While I do post to my facebook page daily as I know something...and I know those who read me like to hit that page to see what is new as it happens, I want to keep a memo of sorts to look back on.  Typically info on FB scrolls up and things could get lost.  That's what this kind of post will be about.

New Coupon Coming:
I shared earlier today a new coupon we will be getting and a few people were disappointed in the value of the free item staying at $13, when we just had a free item offering valued up to $14.  I just wanted to share last years coupon to show that typically this Holiday free gift offering is for the same price...and we all know we can surely get something nice for that price.

September 13, 2015 sales notes:
Tomorrow, B3G2, soaps are 7/$24, 5/$18, (9/14)
Pumpkin candles still $15
And Hawaii body care that was removed from the sales floor for the "jump into fall" floorset are added to the 50% off table
Waikiki, Maui, and Oahu
All forms
September 14, 2015 sales notes:
Candles 2/$24 this weekend ( 9/18-9/20)

Tomorrow marshmallow pumpkin latte body care $7 (9/15)
Thursday an email of $10 off $30 will go out (9/17)
September 13, 2015
Unless your under a rock, you will know that Social Media is a buzz with photos of B&BW Holiday Test candles at the few stores that are offering them and also on the secondary market (ebay) for those who want to try something before they hit the stores. 
I posted the list last week of the names as I was getting them and now seeing the candles, I made sure I am adding photos and keeping it updated so we can see what we are in store for next month moving forward.
I am being asked often about other returning scents and I have been told by the stores I called, that in the next few weeks more and more scents are coming in to be added to those test tables so we shouldn't count out a favorite scent from returning just yet, because we don't see it listed.
Again, my thanks to all who share with me their hauls and finds as well as those who publically share their photos for Ebay auctions.  I am sure to post links to them.
September 13, 2015
Bath & Body Works celebrated 25 years scenting our world.

Thanksgiving Candle
I heard in store that there is going to be a Thanksgiving candle and a friend to my page also mentioned he was told the same thing. We can watch for that.

A Thousand Wishes Candle
I was told we are getting this scent as a candle.  I am not sure if it is true, time will tell.

October 2015
The stores will begin the month on Holiday overload with shipments coming in five days a week.

Rumor has it Holiday may start a bit earlier.  Rather than the week before Halloween, we may see it two weeks before.  I know...we are in fall and leaves mode currently and that seems rushed as the kids just went back to school and we all scratch our heads and ask, "Where did summer go?"  But we know retail and most stores are setting Christmas trees along side of Scarecrows we roll with it.

That is why I think it is important to get as much information to make sensible choices for ourselves and to help plan out our next few months.  While I may get the same ole WCA an VBN signatures for my sisters...knowing there is more will enable me to introduce them to other scents as well....without feeling I am over spending.

Halloween 2015
I am not sure what else we will see considered Halloween this year.  I don't know if the Pumpkin Carving BOO candle is a hold back or just a photo of a candle that never came to fruition. The same goes for the Halloween tote bag.  If anyone saw that green bag pictured on my FB Halloween album in their store...please let me know on my FB page.

Signature Scents
We saw the newest bounce back coupon had three new names on it:

Wrapped in Comfort *cashmere and almond cream
Cup of Warmth * vanilla chai and biscotti
Cozy Sunday Morning * soft chamomile and bergamot

We saw today that Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel is also coming:
I wonder if Snow Kissed Sugar or Sugar Plum Dream will also be scents. I am sure we will see Twisted Peppermint too.

We got a first look today at another scent when I shared these photos of:
These bows on the bottles remind me of the Celebration like candle collection we saw that are coming so I am left to wonder is this one that will be Holiday into the New Year Scents. And with the name on the trademark page OVERJOYED be a part of this collection.

Another Home Fragrance transitioning to Signature Body Care:
Fresh Sparkling Snow
I was first told that Fresh Sparkling Snow and the Comfort/Warmth/Cozy trio were October scents.
A friend to my page said they saw a bunch of mini bottles a SA had at their store, an this scent was one that they got to keep and it is suppose to also come this holiday with others.
Winterberry Wonder
In looking at the font used on Fresh Sparkling Snow and Winterberry Wonder I think they are in the same collection. Frosted White Woods may also be a scent...and maybe we will see all of them come in a few weeks.

And as we have seen years prior, the top few signatures will be getting a new holiday label.

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