Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blue skies and happiness

May 27, 2013

It's raining here today.  That soft kind of rain that gently dampens your world just enough to move outdoor plans indoors...all while chilling you to the bones.

I should take in this chill and enjoy it as the end of this week it is predicted to be in the high 90's here.

There were no traditional Memorial Day things happening here yesterday. No hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill with bowls of potato salad and macaroni salad waiting to dress the picnic table. No boisterous voices of friends and family were heard...they were at their own homes doing their own things enjoying the bluest of blue skies.  Those things are now replaced with he and I clearing off winters wrath taken on the graves while planting spring and summertime flowers making them look like someone still cares.  Someone does.  And no matter how many days, weeks, months and years pass...it will always be Not right. She belongs here with us and family like all of the years before.

But we muddle through.  We find those things to distract ourselves to the point of exhaustion so we don't dwell and mourn so hard.  And that's what we did....spending as much time as we could together outside before getting ready for the week ahead.

And today I planned on planting more seeds in the garden and getting the last of the bedding plants into the flower pots but that will need to wait for another day.  So I am sitting here waiting for the inspiration to clean my back porch.....(this is the area that I nearly broke my foot off last year) so I hesitate a bit.  Okay, that reason as well as being distracted by the email from Victorias Secrets with their Semi Annual Sale link. 

So with a small order placed, and my house filled with the scent of a B&BW Pumpkin Cupcake candle I am ready to go take on that porch.

And then the phone rings and my brother calls to tell me he has found some really great templates and wants to know if I want to try these out.  After scrolling through a dozen or so ideas, we have found a few we really like and will implement later....after his mid-day trip to the movies to see Fast and the Furious.  I was invited but I did pass.  Too much visual motion will trigger vertigo and I still have too much more to do today.

So sometime later, the look of my blog on the dot com end with change a bit.  I guess you can call it growing pains... ha ha. 

And while I am speaking of it, let me give a great big virtual hug out there to all who are stopping by my page and checking me out.  For those who are registered you can see everything.....and for those who aren't yet registered you are pretty much seeing what has been posted here previously.  At any given time I can see how many registered users are on my page as well as how many guests. My brother is amazed at all of the countries who are visiting me daily...this little blog about nothing really....but my Life.  And for all of you to take that time to stop by I am humbled and grateful.

Well, that porch closet is not going to clean itself....and I think I just heard the buzzer on the dryer so I am off to do some domestic goddess chores.  I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying blue skies and happiness today and always.