Thursday, May 30, 2013


May 30, 2013

Early one morning last week I heard the sounds of baby bird squeals coming from the back yard.  It is something I hear daily so I kind of knew what it was...just not where it was.  But on further investigation I saw that up in the soffit of my neighbors house a family of Starlings were just about to the fledgling stage and they were busy taking turns being fed by mom and dad.

They would all line up and scoot back and forth in this small little opening, pushing each other vying for that first position where their parents would land to share the treat.

At first I was frozen watching this feeding time dance and then I thought....go get the camera.  Even though its pretty much across the two neighboring yards I thought I could get a few good photos.  And I did.  Our local paper actually published two of them and gave me the byline credit.

Today as I was outside putting the last of the bedding plants into the pots, this little cluster of babies was following one parent around the yard, still chipping away as he took turns feeding them.  Like baby ducks they followed him everywhere he went getting up close to me and my bags of dirt before turning and trying another area to search in.

The shot of the four of them coming out with mouths open was dumb luck I think...that precise moment of my clicking the shutter with a full zoom and not missing it.  And it makes me smile every time I see it. 

Being used on my front page of my blog also makes me smile as it had to be blown up a bit to fit within the parameters of the page..making them now look like something that would come out of the Munsters grandfather clock....or be on the cover of an Edgar Allen Poe book.....

Nevermore....    :)