Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Soul soothing

May 29, 2013

The unofficial start to summer was two days ago, Memorial Day,  and the official day isn't for another 3+ weeks...yet tomorrow the temperatures here are suppose to be in the 90's. See, that is what happens when you call something wants to prove that it isn't.

In two days the calendar page will turn from May to June and we will be here ushering in all of those things warm weather related. I am not sure I am ready for that much warm weather yet all at once. I have yet to put away the snow shovel as we have had frost here on MONDAY. 

But I am excited to see spring slowly move towards summer for a few reasons. 
  • Planting flowers....yep, most definitely.  I am going to be doing more of that tomorrow before the big heat hits. 
  • Fresh veggies from the farms and my yard....  There is something soul soothing to me to see a tiny little seed turn into a bright and colorful....not to mention edible, thing I created with my own hands. 
  • Coffee and tea nights on my front porch with my family.
  • Visits to the lake for nature photo taking
  • And seeing my great niece enjoying an amusement park

Of course with all of that there is also the excitement of Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale....which is the mid-year point where we all is coming. 

I was up the attic today looking through my collection of Slatkin things and when I see my haunted houses it makes me smile.  I know, I know.....we aren't even into summer yet and here I am thinking and writing about fall but it was those things that got me started into this obsessive addiction of all things B&BW.  How could you walk past the store front where there is a table of Brightly colored ceramics looking at Halloween themes? 

So I am looking forward to each and every day left of springtime... while summer is close on her heels.  Because I know in no time....the fall test scent candles will be out (in two months)....signaling the beginning of blogging other soul soother.