Sunday, May 26, 2013

By the numbers.

May 26, 2013

I must say, I have a greater respect for BlogSpot now after working on designing my own web page.

You get a bit complacent when you write on the same page day after day.  It's all a template and you write and click and everything in the back is done for you. You come to expect so much never thinking about where it all comes from, until you start doing it for yourself and you realize...It is a lot of work.

And with all of the different bloggers on here writing, they must be going mad with security and trying to keep up with answering all of the issues that arise. 

But what people forget is they know who everyone is at all times with our IP addresses down to the states we reside in.  You can sign in as Anonymous all you want....they know who you are and every place you have visited on this site to the seconds of time with these fantastic programs that are out there for the taking.  They are implemented on my page and I must say,  people are behaving very civilized which makes writing and sharing a pleasure.

Maybe if more people realized that, there would be less drama llamas floating around on the internet.  I knew with that issue that happened not too long ago regarding me that it would be proved that it wasn't me by looking at the numbers. 

And every day I search and find a new gizmo that adds another interesting thing to my page to make sharing all of my silliness even that much easier. 

Just know, when you click onto anyone's blog page to read their latest posts....someone else was responsible for the behind the scenes stuff making all of that happen beautifully for you to see and read....just some simple codes added here and there.....and doing it all.....

By the numbers.