Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween ideas at The Mother Huddle and Michaels Crafts

October 25, 2013
Two more months today and we will be finished opening our Christmas goodies and dreading putting all that glitters away and already be thinking about what we are going to find at the semi-annual sales that happen right after.  I am still shaking my head that summer is gone and over with. 
 I was shopping at Michaels Craft Store earlier today and a woman stepped outside where I was going through the clearance on Halloween bins for gifts for my niece and it had just finished sleeting for a few seconds....and this woman remarked to me how cold it was and she cannot believe summer is over with. 
Finally...someone else said it out loud what I have been thinking.  She said it was so hot this summer she spent a good deal of time indoors in the air conditioning and now when she comes's as cold.
I giggled and went back to rummaging the bins.  And I found a few neat things for my niece and myself and I went inside the store then to see the Christmas displays.  They are packed with aisle after aisle of Christmas craft goodness and just when you think that's it, you find more. 
I love doing crafts and I love wandering around seeing the new as well as the old favorites. I picked up some things to do a project or two after I carve my pumpkin this weekend. {that skate ornament for a wreath $14.99 before 40% off coupon and two rolls of that snowflake plaid ribbon also 40% off now}   I have my Minion already made pumpkin but I have a small pumpkin to carve and I wanted to wait until it was closer to Halloween to do it.  No one likes a pumpkin getting rotten before the big day.
Diy Halloweeen Countdown with free printable
While thinking about Halloween ideas I went back to a new favorite page of mine, The Mother Huddle and had to share this great project for a Halloween countdown.  One idea I am going to apply for a Christmas countdown as well.  I started following this page some time ago and it is really loaded with great tips and ideas and I love that she offers free printables for her readers.  Any picture can be right click, saved and printed... but I love that she offers free things. Be sure to check her out.

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