Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions candles online and Michaels Crafts sales

October 22, 2013
I posted early this morning the few new things that were added to the Bath and Body Works website on my Facebook blog page.  I have been busy with other things and didn't get it written out here until now but it really wasn't much to write....I only found the new Holiday Traditions line of candles in three scents to be new.  But I noticed...they are not marked to have the holiday recipes on the lid as they did last year.  Hopefully they will when they launch in the store.

Slowly...and I mean slow...ly.... but surely the new is coming and I cannot wait to see it all put together store wide.  I don't know about you but I am bored with the store and its layout currently.  My stores anyway.  While some stores are filled with new and ever changing layouts, a few in my area are stuck still in Fall theme mode and don't even want to talk about what is coming...let alone sell you anything snow related now. I know, it's October and our minds should be set on pumpkins and Thanksgiving and all things fall... but they started it....them with their Holiday test candles in August/September.  :)
I have been asked numerous times have I either seen or got my hands on a picture of the Black Friday VIP bag that is rumored to be circulating the web. As of right now, I haven't.  I was told a bit about it, not all of the main things...which I long suspected  and remarked some time ago to be the Velvet Sugar line coming....but nothing confirmed.  Unless a smile is confirmation. Hopefully soon, someone will get that picture posted as I am curious too.
I did run out for a late lunch and stopped by Michaels Crafts and found a few things on clearance Fall like.  Their entire department actually was 60-70% off and it included everything from baskets to greenery...and decorations galore.  There was so much Halloween out on the front sidewalk for 70% off, anyone just starting out could easily get a great selection of decorations for minimal cash.
I grabbed a few baskets...I love baskets for gift giving...especially when they ring up for only a bit over $3.00.  They had a nice selection of sizes and styles but I chose those shown below.
I found some metal birdcages for spring/summer decorating next year. They make such nice accents on end tables or down the center of the table and these are perfect to add candles too as well. They also came in various styles and colors and you can easily change the color to match what you need.  The larger size was clearance at $5.00 and the smaller at $3.00.
There was a huge bin filled with those impulse items they have lining the register lines now priced at 50 cents each.  There was everything from stationary to scrap booking projects and I grabbed a few do dads to fill up my sisters gift baskets.

















































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