Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday coupon guide and todays good buys and hellos!

October 6. 2013
I stopped at another Bath and Body store today to see if this store was making any progress towards tonights floorset.  I have been hearing a lot of what its suppose to be and I know the tables will be set creating a sort of runway effect towards the registers.  There are holiday gift bags (so cute) coming and soap holders, candle sleeves and such.  A lot of accessories, nail files, cat face mirrors (pink and black) scentportable things... candles and room sprays.  A lot of what we have seen others get already at stores that started early plus a lot new.
Now Forever Midnight mini bottle was online yesterday or the day before for $5.00 and suddenly it changed to $10.00.  In stores they are putting it out for $5.00 so watch for that.
Travel has marketing for two different prices....3/$10  and 3/$12 so they are waiting for word as to which to put out.
Quite possibly there may be 3 for $20. small candles and mason jars... and a candle sale may not happen until Columbus holiday.
And I think the soap sale ends tonight.
 I picked up a few things today and I will hit another store in another town tomorrow after our doctors appointments.
What I did also get was the holiday gift guide....(picture to follow)
and a great laugh.
So I am at the register making my second transaction and the manager said to me...."oh yes, I have to tell you this.  We got this list sent to us of regular customers who shop with us often....and I was looking at the swipe machine paying for my things and asked...."was my name on it?  and she replied... No.  I looked up at her sort of in disbelief...and she laughed and said... your husbands is..."  I said what?  and she laughs again and said....Twice.  His name is listed twice actually and yours isn't at all.  I guess she got a kick out of the bewildered look on my face since I always swipe my card...but....I give our house phone number...and it is in his name.  She told me that list came about because we are sure to always give our email and phone number and they are keeping track and comparing who shops a lot and purchased the Forever Red as a reference for the next release of Forever that they can call them up to let them know.  She said I am in there a few times a week and I pretty much know a lot so they would tell me today when I came in about the list rather than call me.
Somewhere, someone in Ohio is thinking....what is this guy doing with all of this stuff!!!
Too funny.
I did get today the Lucky Duck (like a magic 8 ball) priced at $5.00.  You do the same with him like that ball thing... ask it a question and shake it up to reveal one of may different answers.  I just flipped it over and it suggest I take a bubble bath.  How could it know what I was thinking??? 




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