Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bath and Body Works 50% off Fall and Hallmark Gift wrap weekend specials

October 26, 2013
 Here are a few things I picked up today at Bath and Body Works for the 50% off sale:
Large pumpkin filled with a three wick $49.50
Glitter zippered cosmetic bags that were out for fall (should have been Christmas) Reg. priced at $6.50
and four clear bags.  All for the low price of $29.42.  The pumpkin rang up $18.19 and each zipper bag rang up 2.39


Hallmark was having their Buy one get one free sale this weekend for holiday cards, gift wrap paper and stationary.  The long rolls were $7.99 each and the shorter rolls were $4.99each.  I had $10.00 in certificates and I certainly didn't need any more cards or paper but with these beautiful patterns I had to grab some.  I bought six rolls of paper and two Yankee candles in the snowflake scent for $16.94.

Long rolls: Pastels and snow themed, it reminded me a lot of B&BW's holiday traditions line colors so I grabbed one roll of that and one roll of the Grinch paper.

Short rolls:
They have a display of wrapped boxes showing the 12 days of Christmas paper, the black with poinsettias, the candy canes and the golden pears with matching gift tags and bags.  Really pretty.

At Walmart: metal tins with three chapsticks in each for $4.94.  Not a great value when each is 98 cents at the register.  The striped peppermint had three peppermint sticks and the other two had regular flavors.  Pass.

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