Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bath and Body Works Mystery Pocketbac ???

October 17, 2013
In adding some new online things I noticed on the Bath and Body Works Bear pocketbac holder he had a refill with a sticker that was unfamiliar to me.  My store is a test store for the pocketbacs this holiday and so far I haven't seen this one.
Making a guess, after blowing the pic up and rotating it... could it be called...
Snow Blossom? 
I know the book for the next release is not out so we will be waiting to see if this comes out for the next floor set...but I thought I would point it out in case someone's store has it out already.
Thank you sooo much PAM for the comment letting me know its name.  Whats worse is I knew that... I wrote that list of soaps and pocketbacs out some time ago but with so much new out every day...I forgot.  When I looked, there it was....with others not out yet too.
Thanks again....for

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