Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Body care info again, and new pocketbac pics

October 1, 2013

Well, it was mentioned on Facebook the names of the new Holiday Traditions Body Care line for 2013 and I was pretty much correct in my assumptions on Saturdays Blog after seeing the pocketbacs. 
I also mentioned that this Friday the store that is going to be doing the PB test will start to put those out so I will get the 32 that I listed and write some thoughts on those.  I was able to stop there after lunch today and got a few they had out that they could sell me.  Everything is still pretty much on lockdown sales wise even though other stores are selling the new Holiday first release items already.  It goes by districts and this district is a rule follower.
I was able to make my 50,000+ limit on the phone app so I did contact customer service and they confirmed my points so now I wait for shipping.  I am still amazed at the generosity of such a prize and I am grateful that it was being offered for doing what I love to do there anyway...shop.  I plan to share all of the fragrances.
Below are a few of the Pocketbacs from today.  I know most have been out at some stores but the devils food is the one I want to try out first.  Smelling it in the bottle, yummy....I hope it stays that way on my hands. (not really. it smelled devils food like chocolately but soon changed.)  For some reason the owl PB is no longer in my bag...I guess he flew out when I wasn't looking.
More to come.



Bath and Body Works Pocket Bacs Kissing Critters:
wildberry kisses 
strawberry smooches-x
pearberry cuddles
merry cherry love-x
Bath and Body Works Pocket Bacs Novelty:
melting marshmallow -x
iced gingerbread
devils food-x
angel food
Christmas kisses
frosted snowman
pink cupcake 
pink party
berry breeze
greeting card
vanilla icing
Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac Holiday:
twisted peppermint 
vanilla bean noel
winter candy apple
iced gingerbread
merry marshmallow
cranberry twinkle
sugar plum dream
Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac Winter Magic:
candy cane bliss 
winter cranberry
sparkling snow
golden crisp pear 
lemon meringue cheer-x 
sugared vanilla wish-x
fresh balsam
'tis the season-x
vanilla snowflake-x

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