Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Victorias Secret new NIGHT products online (free lotion)

October 16, 2013
In my email today was a reminder about the upcoming VS secret rewards cards for Angels first and a promo for Victoria's Secret  newest scent called NIGHT.
I must say the bottle design is beautiful truly designed to be left out and viewed.  I am looking forward to trying this scent in the store first as it is a bit pricey at $52 - $68.00.  The body lotion that is offered for free with a qualifying purchase is available for $20.00 if it is something that I can wear and would like to my collection.  There are also "after midnight" products available {play on bath and body works new scent coming forever midnight?}  which include an aphrodisiac candle, room and bed spray, massage oil and pulse point parfum in various prices.

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