Saturday, October 5, 2013

Think October PINK....for a great Cause (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

October 5, 2013
October 5th.  We are five days into the new month and it sure feels like October here.  The weather is acting typically October crazy with some cold days that make you shut the windows down and get your winter sweaters out of storage excited for the change...and other days the house gets so warm you open the windows back up again shocked that the thermometer reads 82 degrees. 
October is also the month I was married in...twenty six years now.  It's funny, when your planning on getting married you cannot wait for it to actually happen. The mystery of what this togetherness is all about is soon revealed.  Then it does happen and you realize its nothing you could have dreamed of. The first few years are the getting to know you and your quarks years. The snoring and the nights of missed sleep, ah the fun.  If you survive those years... your doing really good.  haha. Then comes the teen years...and it seems the struggles you had in the first five were childs play.  Then you get into the twenty something years of wedded bliss and your thankful that the man next to you is snoring because you can't imagine a life without him. My twenty six have never been boring and the challenges that we have faced together...I am blessed to have not gone through any of it alone.
October in Pennsylvania is also a month of color.  The trees here are beginning to change into their "fall" attire and the show that we are about to see is promising to be spectacular.  On my drive through the Pennsylvania mountains I was amazed at just how brilliant the colors are becoming.  Almost as a gift for our vacation week.
But just as we think of the beautiful red and golden trees of the Eastern coast for the fall, We also associate October with the color Pink and its representing a wonderful cause...
Breast Cancer Awareness.
I wrote a blog a week ago about Qvc's  FFANY Shoes on Sale, Sale coming up October 10th and their dedication to supporting this cause of  Breast Cancer Research for more than 20 years and shared one of the products I purchased early to support them.  And everywhere you look now, someone, somewhere is looking to support the cause by asking for token amounts at the register.
You ask any woman what she fears the most...and she will tell you, Breast Cancer.  And I don't want to quote you statistics that you already know.  It's scary and no one wants it. End of story.  As women we forget our vanity one twenty minute session once a year and strip off our fears as we get our mammograms faithfully.  And wherever we go and see that little pink ribbon we are secretly thankful that someone gives a damn enough to support those who are ill....and support the research for everyone else. 
Today I was thinking about my yearly twenty minute session that is coming up ( I go on my anniversary) and it seemed in every store I went to there was something Pink Breast Cancer related.  I watched a video by my favorite Beauty Blogger  this past week and I wanted to be sure to pick up two of the products she used that I wanted to try. 
So after my Bath and Body Works trip in a mall with pink window signage everywhere and lunch out I scampered my way over to the Ulta store and saw all of their signage.  Pink signage.
I bought a few products, and made a donation of $5.00 and was given a pink bracelet and ribbon pin for supporting the cause.  Plus I got a 10% off discount on top of fit all.
When I got home excited to see my days purchases I found in my mailbox a pink Breast Cancers Survivors donation envelope and coupons from Toyota also Pink themed.
I am grateful for a world filled with color.  I am also grateful to those who dedicate their life to find a cure for something so devastating that we need a specific color to be reminded of it and to those who support it.  I look forward to retiring the color back to being a color in a box of crayons and the color of the icing on my favorite chocolate cupcake.

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