Friday, October 4, 2013

Bath and Body Works ~ New Online ~ Hand Sanitizers and Soap

October 4, 2013

If their recent packaging is any indication, Bath and Body Works is really going to make the stores adorably decorated this holiday season. 
 Some new showed up online this morning and I have been making notes as to what I want to buy as well as trying to get it all posted....all while juggling other morning routine things.
  I am heading to the store later and will post my finds as well as my thoughts on the pocketbac scents.  I was told all of the 32 new are in store....actually in a bag....waiting for me.  I thought I would wait and give each scent a quick thought at once rather than doing the first 8 I got earlier this week.  And again...scent is a personal thing.  What I may think smells good... you may think stinks and scents work differently with out bodies chemistry. My posting of my thoughts are merely my thoughts...and to show you packaging. 
And as I wrote husband called and he is done with work and our vacation time begins....Care to guess where I am heading?
Here's the new so far....






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