Friday, June 13, 2014

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June 13, 2014
Happy Friday the 13th....
I was able to get to the Semi Annual Sale again today....and if you have seen my postings of yesterday on my Facebook Page, then you know I certainly didn't need a thing. But I did notice the $3.00 table of hand soaps in the old formula and there were three of the sweet Shop scents still there so what's a girl to do....
The candles on sale for ten dollars were all in the wall, as well as the Summer Boardwalk Collection.  Not like what my friends store had...
So I settled on getting two Summer Boardwalk Candles to add to the soaps and used two survey coupons.
After having Chinese for lunch, I stopped in Michaels Craft store not needing anything there either but found a few things I didn't want to miss out on.  Coming into the store the hand made florals were on sale and some were really pretty.
So I did go and find the last flag and bird house and thought I would add them to my flowers as the price on that flower pot was well out of bounds for me to spend.
In the impulse aisle on the way to the check outs I found more new journals, note cards, note pads and paper bags in the prettiest of prints so I grabbed some of those for gift giving.  These are perfect for me to give to the sales associates with other little items at the holidays. 
There were other things matching these patterns but I only got the paper products.
Can you believe that Fall.... FALL flower are out.  It's June 13th. The first day of summer is officially June 21st... And yes, I know retail does not work calendar wise...But  I went looking for red geraniums and they were there Sunday and now gone, replaced with fall and some Halloween.
Also added are some vintage flowers in a Fall palette with some hand made floral arrangements to inspire us to color our homes.
So that was my day today....Some Bubbly from bath and Body Works and some goodies from Michaels craft store and a Chinese fortune that was this.....
Photo: How true us this cookie fortune today
Wishing you, your truest life .....

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