Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yankee Candle | Semi Annual Sale | Gift Box

June 4th, 2014

I was up at midnight when the Yankee Candle Semi Annual Sale began.  Earlier than expected, I wanted to see just what they had to offer.  It's not as if I needed anything in particular.  But its fun to look at those things I saw in the catalogs and passed on because of the price. And here they were now, half off.

I stayed up until one am....had put a few things in my cart and watched them disappear as I chatted with a friend...and then went to bed.

I know that the website was having difficulties all day trying to handle the barrage of shoppers that inundated their space. And with that comes a lot of complaints.  I visited the page again...looked around at all of the SOLD OUT notations and went about my day.

Today, my mailman brought my packages of things I ordered and one of them was this rather large Yankee Candle box.

If your like me, packages of any kind are like Christmas presents...regardless if you had to pay for love to receive them.

Except this one big box I didn't pay for.

And I know why the box was so large.  Because it was filled with heart.

Beneath layers and layers of brown crinkled papers were treasures of things I love. 
Things I write about loving...Nature....were stuffed into this box...and delivered to me.

The first thing I loved was the trio candle holder and plate with dragonflies and butterflies on.  I have wanted this set FOREVER.  Last year when I first saw it I missed out on getting it.  It was a catalog exclusive and I thought it was gone for good.  Then this year it came back only to be priced much higher...$29.99.  I passed...but I never stopped loving it and wanting it.  And here it is.  :)

It is so much more beautiful in person....and dragonflies and butterflies hold a special meaning to me...

And speaking of dragonflies....if one is good...then a DOZEN is fantastic!!!!!  Yep, twelve of these beautiful metal jar clingers....  Measuring about 3.5" long and 4" wide these little guys will be scattered around my home and garden.

I love this Wine Collection candle melt burner, it's so perfect for the kitchen to match my basket full of ivy and grapes atop of my china cabinet.

Then in another little box was this moose candle holder.  Again, back to nature and lodge theme...and me...  I plan to keep him out and enjoy him now. 

And finally, the pair of silver deer.  If your a reader of my blog I reported insider peeks of what was coming out this past Christmas and these deer were one of those things that I wrote about and loved.  Delicately simplistic yet one of those things that are perfect tucked in anywhere.

We never know how much we touch people in our lives during the day to day interactions....and how we are touched by them.

I am the type of person that believes that we do not find these friends by accident, that they are sometimes set on our life path for a reason...unbeknownst to us.....and I try to make sure that all of my friends know that they hold a special place in my heart pieces.  Or I hope they do.  I am human with frailties and faults at times.

Getting his gift was something that I will remember for the rest of my life as it was done with a pure heart and thought was put into picking those things I care about. With every glance and every use of these, I will know I am loved and thought about.

Thank you my friend.....

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